submitted by: Marcus Robinson

In world where many of our young black men are viewed as a menace to society, there are some who have made an effort to change the stereo type of young Black Males in America.

Alex is from Ahoskie NC. He was born in May of 1995. 10513430_10152203061181759_3294792814773660673_n

Alex, a professional model, has participated in a number of fashion shows and appeared in various catalogs.  Not only is Alex a model he has also appeared in some acting roles.   He has been in multiple televised series, and in the process of filming a documentary.

Alex knew he was a model because he could always be found taking pictures with his mother’s first camera phone. He attributes his acting inspiration to Denzel Washington and Will Smith, Alex is actually named after Denzel, but goes by Suave.  When he was very young, Alex would watch Fresh Prince with hopes of someday being just like him.  LOL

Alex is one of many who are doing things and although I haven’t met him in person I have followed his story and seen his effort. If a person wants to do something they will make a way to do it.

Alex, I wish you the best of luck.  Although Will Smith is your model, remember to be better than him.


Chicago, get ready for this young man because you will be hearing more about him soon.




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