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Well folks, it was going down at Sherwood Park in Englewood on Friday, January 23 2015. A young man, by the name of Steve ‘Greedy’ Harris, put on a show that is sure to please any scouts who may have been in the crowd.

John Hope College Prep super star, Steve ‘Greedy’ Harris, showed out on the court. He sent the crowd wild and left his opponents wondering ‘what the heck’.

Greedy, as his family calls him, is on his way to becoming a legend. I knew when I saw this young man at the Park, I was photographing a legend.

Paul Robeson High School had the Pargo Brothers and now John Hope College Prep will have the Harris Brother. Perhaps Sherwood Park could either be renamed the Steve ‘Greedy’ Harris Park or he may have a gymnasium named in his honor. He surely left an impression during this Sr. Night Game.

Greedy comes from a family of hard working people who are just trying to make it. The night ends for Greedy  with 26 points and 7 assist.

Ok is it safe for me to say this young brother showed out and brought down the house. Do I have photographs of a future NBA legend? Hummmmm! Only time will tell, but I believe I do. OH YES


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