Submitted by Sara Felder “Triple P Radio”


Triple P Radio wants to introduce C.I.T.Y to the world…….

His name is Jermaine Finch known as C.I.T.Y which is abbreviated for (Cleveland Is Tha Y’ILDEST) being from Ohio knowing how Y’ILD his city is how he came up with the meaning for his name, not to mention the spells wild with a Y. He is the youngest of three boys and three sisters who he loves dearly. Growing up, his father was hardly around so that left his mother to play the role of a father and maintain her womanhood at the same time. The only male figures he had were his brothers, they never wanted him in the streets. By the age of 11 years old, he realized he had a passion for doing music, and ever since then he has been writing and recording every chance that he got. Didn’t matter closets, living rooms, basements, standing up or sitting down didn’t matter hit the record button and he was going in lol Growing up in Cleveland Ohio was a struggle by itself ……

 Every block you ride down literally was boarded up from either raids or just being unattended which eventually turn into trap houses/bandos . He was a product of “his environment” at an early age with no guidance which led him to get into trouble. Before being sentenced to two years in Cuyahoga hills juvenile correctional facility and downhill it went from there. The day before he was released my social worker called him into her office to tell him he had to move to New Jersey because that’s where my legal guardian had moved to. Once he landed in N.J. everything looked so foreign being as though all he knew was Cleveland.. He was picked up and brought to a small town where his journey continued.

 “Everything I was doing in Cleveland I went to N.J. doing but 10x worse C.IT.Y told me. That was the past this is the present. C.I.T.Y is an amazing father and a positive role model for his children. And now he is just focused on building up his business CITY216MUSIC LLC and staying in the studio making sure he has as much material as he possibly to can to keep his fans wanting more! I became Jermaine’s (C.I.T.Y) manager this summer and our team is amazing!! His producer JMBEATS is dope with mad talent. We are so happy to have Jung Phil (who is also C.I.T.Y’S manager) part of our team!! Our goal is to keep dropping music for all his fans!!! His music is available on all major platforms!! C.I.T.Y is exactly what Triple P Radio promotes…… Negative situations turned positive! Tune in Sundays from 2p-4p EST on WMSKONLINERADIO.COM where you can hear C.I.T.Y’S music along with other dope artists! Make sure you visit WWW.CITY216MUSIC.COM

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