With 75% of young Black males 16 to 24 years old in New York City not working, with the leading cause of death for young Black men in American being homicide and with nearly 50% of the 2.3 million prisoners in prisons in America being mostly young Black men, the questions arises, “What would Jesus have done in these times?” And the answer is, He would have taken a young Black man to worship! Easter Sunday is a great time for you and your church to make a commitment to help and support young Black men. Call Nathan at 773.285.9600 receive an organizing guide and to join the list of faith organization across America that have participated in this program.

Be The Man Conference 2009

Please see places of worship that have participated in recent “Take A Young Black Man To Worship” Days:

St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church – Beachwood, Ohio – Rev. Carmen D. Cox Harwell

Faith Community Assembly – Boilingbrook, Illinois – Rev. Kenneth L. Gogins

Columbus Avenue A.M.E Zion Church – Boston, Massachusetts – Rev. Jina Casey

Heaven on Earth (COGIC) – Brooklyn, New York – Pastor Douglas Howard

By Faith M.B. Church – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor Bennie Mc Clain

1st Corinthian Baptist Church – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor James Thomas

ABBA Church of Renewed Faith – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Sharyon Cosey

Anointed Heirs Outreach – Chicago, Illinois – Apostle Edward Anderson

Apostle House of Prayer – Chicago, Illinois – Elder Raynard Kelly

Bethlehem Star Church – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Roosvelt Walker Jr.,

Bright Star Church – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor Christopher Harris

Buren Chapel AME Church – Chicago, Illinois – Project Manger David Jones

Cathedral MB Church – Chicago, Illinois – Doris Hollins

Christ Temple Cathedral Church of Holiness – Chicago, Illinois – Gregory Wilkerson

Church of the Good Shepard, UCC – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Jesse Knox

Divine Church, (Youth Peace Center of Roseland) – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor C.E. Watkins

Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church – Chicago, Illinois –

Rev. Vesta Dixon

Faith Lutheran Church – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor Howard Lindsey

Fathers Who Cares – Chicago, Illinois – Min. Walter Jones

Grace and Truth Apostolic Tabernacle – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Robert Smith

Greater Morning View Church – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor Harrington

Harzell Memorial Church, UMC – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Michelle Taylor Sanders

Liberation for Christ Ministries – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor. Wilcoxon

New Birth Christian Center – Chicago, Illinois – Apostle Robbie Wilkerson

New Day Ministries International – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Gregory C. Austin

New Deliverance Church – Chicago, Illinois – Dr. Larry Gaston

New Hope Alliance INC./S.O.S. Prayer Group – Chicago, Illinois – Elder Katie Pierce

New Memorial M.B Church – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Roosvelt Walker Jr., Rev. Bernard Clark

New Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Walter Jones

Omega Baptist Church – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Ira Wheaton

Peoples Church of the Harvest – Chicago, Illinois – Superintendent Dr. Michael Eaddy

Sinai Christian Center – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. A. Claude Wesley

South Lawn United Methodist Church – Chicago, Illinois – Pastor Pickens, Deacon David Jones

St. Elizabeth Catholic School – Chicago, Illinois – Princpal Nakia Garcia

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church – Chicago, Illinois – Father Richard Andrus

St. John Missionary Baptist Church – Chicago, ILLINOIS – Rev. Dr. Edward Davis, Jr.

St. Jude Apostle Church – Chicago, Illinois – Linda Csea

St. Mary of Perpetual Help – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Rick Moreno

St. Sabina Catholic Church – Chicago, Illinois – Father Michael Pfleger

Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist Church – Chicago, Illinois – Bishop Simon Gordon

Trinity United Church of Christ Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Otis Moses

Vernon Park Church of God – Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Johthan Hall

Youth Peace Center – Chicago,Illinois – Roger Jones

Columbus Avenue A.M.E Zion Church – Chicago,Illinois – Pastor Jina Casey

Divine Temple GOGIC – Delray Beach, Florida – C. Ron

Liberty Temple Baptist Church – Detroit, Michigan – Rev. Steve Bland,Jr.

Shrines of the Black Madonna of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church – Detroit, Michigan – Pastor Mbiyu Chui

Breeding Saints Global Church – Elgin, Illinois – Bishop Kendrick Scales

Bridge Street AME Church – Indianapolis, Indiana – Pastor J.P. Smith

Second Baptist Church – May’s Lick, Kentucky – Rev. L. Rodney Bennett

Greater St. Paul COGIC – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Elder William Green

St. Martha Catholic Church – Morton Grove, Illinois – Father Dennis O’Neil

Bethel World Prayer Fellowship Inc – New Bern, North Carolina – Rev. James Heath

Heath Memorial Baptist Church – New York, New York – Rev Dr. Renee F. Washington Gardner

St. Paul Baptist Church – Pennsylvania – Deacon William Gresham

Total Faith Community Church – Rockford, Illinois – Rev. Steve Cossey

Star of Bethlehem COGIC – Washington, D.C. – Bishop Harvey Lewis

Written by Sentinel News Service, Favoured

Los Angeles Sentinel News

America Is Asked to Embrace Black Boys on Fathers Day 2012


Recently, the Chicago Police department announced the formation of a 400 member Gang Enforcement Unit working to stem the tide of violence and murders in Chicago. It noted that 75% of the murders in Chicago are gang-related. “No one seems to have a solution to the issues of Black boys and young Black men in the United States’, says Phillip Jackson, executive director of The Black Star Project. “Schools have failed, the police have failed, government has failed and their families have failed Black boys and young Black men.”

This army of more and better-armed policemen, by themselves, cannot solve the problems of Black boys. In an effort to lift many Black boys and young Black men from self-destructive behaviors to self-driven and positive self-directed behaviors, The Black Star Project’s Million Father Movement is partnering with the most dynamic force in the Black community–the Black church. Black churches, mosques and synagogues from across the country are working together on “Take A Black Boy To Church” Sunday, Fathers Day, on June 17, 2012 for any and all services that day.

The Black Star Project is asking everyone in America, from elected officials to street organization leaders, from parents to social workers, from priests and pastors to policemen and corrections officers, to take a Black boy (or young Black man) to a church, mosque or synagogue. Jackson says, “The three most powerful institutions in the Black community are the church, popular media and street organizations. These institutions must come together to address the most pressing problem for Blacks in America: The destruction and self-destruction of Black boys and young Black men.”

The Black church is truly the heart of the Black community. Throughout all struggles for progress for Black people in America, the Black church has been a constant voice and leader in the improvement of the Black community. With the issues of Black boys and Black young Black men quickly becoming almost a matter of national security, the Black church is needed now more than ever. Churches are being encouraged to reach out to Black boys and young Black men, wherever they are, and Black boys and young Black men are being encouraged to reach back to these churches.

We are especially asking fathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, stepfathers, uncles, cousins, big brothers, mentors, deacons, trustees, male choir members, significant male caregivers and friends of the family to join us in this movement. Women and men of all races are also encouraged to “Take A Black Boy to Church.” Please email blackstar1000@ameritech.net or call Bruce Walker at 773.285.9600 to bring the “Take A Black Boy To Church” Sunday to your city, to receive a complete organizing kit or for more information about this event. Participating faith-based institutions will be listed in our national directory.

Churches will be given guidance on finding and working with Black boys from The Black Star Project. Churches will also be encouraged to work with and adopt local schools and men participating in this program will be encouraged to continue their participation throughout the year working with Black boys and young Black men.

Please ask your faith leader to ensure that your faith-based institution participates in this event. If you wish to participate in or lead the effort in your city or in your congregation on Sunday, February 26, 2012, (or your day of worship near this date), please call Bruce Walker at 773.285.9600 for an organizing kit and to register or email blackstar1000@ameritech.net. Those who want to educate their children rather than wait for others to educate their children should join The Black Star Project in this effort at 773.285.9600 or visit our educational programs at www.blackstarproject.org.


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.