Edited by Deborah Smith, CCNM Communication Director



Starting my second day on this job.  I hate I’ve got to work but I have no choice. Life and making better decisions is all about sacrifices. I’m smart enough to know I have to sacrifice.

The hood, the streets, my people, no one is going to make sacrifices for me.  It’s designed for me to fail. But I want a successful life!  So if I have to work a 9 to 5 in order to get ahead I will. That should be enough ambition for that ass. 

As a black man, I have realized that I was trying to fight for something that isn’t mine; I want to own something nobody can take from me. If they try, I want to know how and be prepared with the knowledge to legally hold on to it.  I learned this from a very wise woman; shout out to my cousin Cieara.  Thank You Cuz

I encourage my people to wake up. The world is in the palm of your hand. You just have to open your hand and make room for all the tools you need to succeed.

I also want to share with you the fact I sat 5 years dream chasing and found couldn’t keep chasing my dreams the way I was. This is why I’m so hungry for success and will stop at nothing nor will I let anyone brain wash me into thinking I’m nothing or will never be nothing. 

 I’m special, not perfect, but I know, I’m better then how people look at me.  I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself, the rest follow.  I know I can’t speak to everyone or get my message across to the ones who need it the most and I’m being nice right now because usually I don’t talk a lot, but I can lead by example. I’m a leader, never been a follower. I’m only a person trying find my way in this shit. This is a cold world for you not to wear a coat. You can only apply what you know and I know I got to do what’s best for me. 

So, long story short, hard work will pay off to the one who will work for what you want in life.  I just ask my family and friends not to give up on me but most importantly don’t give up on yourself cause we in this together we ride together we die together.

 Sincerely yours, Markolm


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.