Harry-R.-JacksonExcerpts from http://allchristiannews.com/bishop-harry-jackson-gay-activists-are-trying-to-bully-christians-into-accepting-their-lifestyle/

There has been an exhaustive debate between the gay community and Christian circles over what should define marriage.  Over the last five years, President Barack Obama has been so helpful to pushing for gay rights that he was named “The first gay president” by Newsweek Magazine.

But some in the Christian community feel that the battle that appears to be one for equality is also laced with the very same kind of intolerance that the gay community claims that it’s fighting.  If you don’t agree with homosexuality or are not comfortable with it, you are typically going to be labeled a bigot or homophobic.  Some in the Christian space resent this.

Bishop Harry Jackson wrote about this issue on BlackChristiannews.com.  He says that he wants to preserve the tradition of marriage because he believes that it is an important part of building a society.  He has been married to his wife for the last 35 years   He starts his political discussion about the gay marriage debate in Illinois, which took far longer than most Democratic states. This is also the state that President Barack Obama came from, which makes it surprising that many of the state’s residents weren’t fighting in favor of gay marriage, but were fighting against it.

Why did it take so long for an overwhelmingly Democratic state legislature to approve what homosexual activists promise us is an inevitable part of our future?

The answer is that, for quite a while, the efforts of key black clergy members preserved the traditional definition of marriage in Illinois. Their courageous stand-which included placing relentless pressure on black Democratic legislators-had the opposition gnashing its teeth in frustration.

Bishop Jackson concedes that the funding of gay activists helped to push the legislation through, but he is proud of the fight.   He says that it was because three Republican legislators buckled that the law ended up passing.  He also says that, despite claims by gay activists that this wave is sweeping the nation, there is evidence that the country still remains in strong support of traditional marriage.  According to Jackson, 31 states have passed constitutional amendments defining marriage to be a union between one man and one woman.

He also says that bullying has now become the norm for gay activists, who also rely on deceiving the public.  He also says that, rather than just fighting to have the same rights as other couples, the gay community is instead seeking approval for their lifestyle, which is patently unfair: Thus far, homosexual activists have relied on bullying and on two major deceptions. The first is that all they want out of the redefinition of marriage is rights for loving, committed couples. The second is that homosexual marriage is so incredibly popular that its universal acceptance is inevitable. To be on the “right side of history,” we are told we must get on board now.



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