By Wanda Carter


Being in my vortex is a wonderful feeling, one I have never been so aware of until today. I woke up wanting to hear Hicks and Abraham talk about the thoughts we need to have when we want to experience the freedom to feel good about ourselves. So I went to the Abraham and Hicks website and began to look for video they had done with others to help them realize the concept of the expanded self.  You see I have always felt that there was more to me than what I could see, but I didn’t know why I felt that way or if what I felt was a realty.  But I have learned that it is true and that there is more to all of us once we recognize the source (GOD) and realize that power is present in all of us.

            Today, I discovered what being in my personal vortex means because for the 1st time I was able to experience the power associated with doing what it took to make me feel good, and relaxed.  I recognized that once I did the things that made me feel good about myself, I could see how that process could be employed to help me conquer any obstacle I encountered from that point forward.  That was a victory for me. To learn how to overcome issue that in the past, were obstacles for me truly gave me a good feeling.  See I just learned that feel good is the only emotion that I need to seek. If I feel good about the things that I am doing, then only good can manifest in my reality.  I often say to my children, my students, and others that I know that life is what we make it. Now I have always believed that so it’s a reference that I frequently make. However, I didn’t really know what it took to bring the things that I wanted into life.  I didn’t really know how to make them manifest for me in the now until today. I learned that whatever I want is all that I should focus on and that my actions should be committed to that which makes me feel good. So if writing makes me feel good, then I should write. If eating makes me feel good, then I should learn what to eat that will help me feel balanced, yet full, and help me to evacuate in a timely manner. 

            That is what I have learned today and what I will begin to practice as a way of life because I like feeling good, and I want to do things that will help me maintain that awareness.  Until the next time, be blessed and feel good about whatever you do… 



I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.