Being A Grandmother In Today’s Society

April 15, 2014 20131213_122229-1

Written by Yvonne Sanders

Times are so different today than they were yesterday. I always wanted my children to have a better life than I had, although my life wasn’t that bad, I had good parents went to school had good grades, didn’t want for anything, I dressed nice thanks to my parents. I finished High School. Even though I had kids young I still finished .
Now that I have Grandchildren I want to be a good grandmother teach them some things I’ve learned as a child and I do my best. No my grandchildren don’t want for anything as far as Love, Food, Shelter, Clothes, or Attention all is plentiful. My biggest concern is safety. There are so many young men, women and children lives being taken due to street violence that you can hardly walk down the street in some neighborhoods in my area let alone have a fun filled day at the park in fear of someone shooling and you have no guard against it. I myself pray everyday when me and my children walk out the safety of our homes that God will protect us. It’s sad that when my grandchildren want me to take them to the park across the street I have to say no and find the time in my schedule to take them some where like Chuckie Cheese or the Zoo. I know that its only right to be able to tell your children no sometimes but it’s the times that you shouldn’t have to that hurts the worst because they don’t understand the dangers of these streets.
So I can’t afford to move my children away right now and things can happen anywhere you may go but just being able to give them much stronger odds for survival is my goal. I want me and my children to be comfortable just going to the neighborhood park. I just pray that my time don’t run out before this happens. Until than no neighborhood park for us. At least not any parks in any surrounding neighborhoods in my area.


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