Written by; Marcus Robinson

Chicago Activist have been protesting outside of ‘Missha’ Beauty Supply store at 642 East 47th Street in Chicago, IL for 14 straight days, braving the rain and snow. The protest against them is because of an incident which happen at a ‘Missha’ Beauty Supply store in Charlotte, NC

A black woman was caught stealing eye lashes valued at about $2.00. The Korean male employee put her in a choke hold, wrestled her to the ground and then kicked her. No charges have been filed against her or the employee. 

The owner of the store in Charlotte NC is also the owner of the Chicago store on East 47th Street.

I have witnessed more than beauty supplies being sold out of the store in Chicago (loose squares) which give me reason why the security guards come out and vocally assault the protesters/activist.   At one point I was called a ‘fagot’ by the black security guard as he went live on his own face book.

These so called security guards weren’t acting like professional security guards.

As protesters chanted ‘Hell No Missha must go’ one guard showed his ignorance by chanting ‘hell no Missha won’t go’.

During the 14 day period of protest, one of the security guards called his wife and her friends up to the store to verbally combat the activist. This is not the professional character of a licensed security guard, acting like high school kids?

Police have been called but they did nothing beside explain to one of the activist who wanted the wife arrested, that she has the right to defend her husband. The protest have been somewhat effective because Missha is suffering since they haven’t been getting lots of business,  while some black owned beauty shops reporting an increase in sales since this boycott began on March 9 2017.

The protesters plan to be at this Chicago site until they are successful in seeing Missha shut down for good.



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