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Recently, I conducted a questionnaire. I interviewed 5 of the juniors in my school of different ethnicities to see their views on CPS’ schools. My reasoning for asking this question is because it seems like more of the youth are dropping out of school instead of staying. Is it because of the curriculum? Or is it for something deeper?

The first person I interviewed was an 11th grader named Tatiana.


 Me: Are you happy with what teachers’ are teaching us or would you like to change their lesson plans?

Tatiana: I think they’re mindset is in the right place, but it does get a little boring learning the same stuff every year. I don’t want to be a scientist, why do I have to take Chemistry, biology and physics?

The next person I interviewed is Shakita, who’s also in the 11th grade.

ShakitaMe: What do you think should be changed about teachers’ lesson plans? Or would you like them to stay the same?

Shakita: Everything should be changed! Or at least the way they teach it to us. I get so bored in class and I tend to not pay attention simply because it doesn’t seem interesting. If they worked in some games, or challenges in the lesson plans, I think that would help us focus more.

The third person I interviewed is Esmeralda; let’s see what she has to say about this.


Me: Same questionthat I asked the other two, should something about the curriculum change or stay the same?

Esmeralda: I actually think it should stay somewhat the same. They’re teaching us basic things that will get us ready for the future. I think we should cut them someslack and let themdo what they’re paid to do, teach.

Next, we have Brianna giving her view on the topic.

BriannaMe: Asa junior in high school, are you still interested in learning when youcome to school?

Brianna: No. I only really come to school because my parents make me. School is not the most interesting place, it’s boring. If I could change one thing about school it would be every class. What do I need British Lit for? I live in America.

Lastly, the final person I interviewed is a girl named Mysha and of course sheis in the 11th grade as well.

MyshaMe: Would you like to change anything about the schools’ curriculum or would you like it to stay the same?

Mysha: I would change it but also keep it the same. Teachers have to teach us the basics like reading, writing, and math but some things feel are un-needed. I don’t want to be a psychologists or artists, why do I need psychology or art to graduate? It is un-needed.

That concludes my interviews. I loved hearing what a few of my fellow classmates had to say about it. What are your views on this subject?



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