Recently in September 2019 Apple announced their three iPhones include Apple iPhone 11, 카지노사이트 11 Pro and 카지노사이트 iPhone 11 Pro max these iPhones are released in Pakistan so here I would share quick opinions and some feature that you need to know about those.

Releases their iPhones end of the year and in this year Apple released their iPhones with lots of improvement in Cameras, Speed, big upgrade with OS ass well.

Apple iPhone 11 The iPhone 11 release with IPS LCD capacitive 6.1 inches touchscreen display and screen resolution with 828 x 1792 pixels, 카지노사이트주소 there is 1.3 inches difference between iPhone x and 바카라사이트 iPhone 11 screen display because the iPhone X was released with 5.8" screen display, now iPhone users move to iPhone 11 because it's too speedy apple 11 powered by Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+) and 4 GB high-speed RAM. A bit improvement time this time with RAM that is 4 GB, there their options available like 4/64 GB, 4/128 GB, and 4/256 GB, Battery capacity is 3110 that is not huge but well. Apple iPhone 11 Price about 880 USD that is around Rs.143,000 in Pakistan.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro There is not A very big difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro but this one is best for camera lovers because the phone release with 3 Camera's with new user Experience this is the first time by Apple, there is one more option you have that 4/512 GB internal storage, the phone Price about 1270 EURO that is around Rs.200,000 in Pakistan.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max The 3rd apple phone released by Apple this one is similar to the iPhone 11 pro but you can see a major difference is in screen display who want big-screen display this one for those because the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen display iPS capacitive 6.5 Inches touchscreen display and screen resolution with 1242 x 2688 pixels also phone battery is 3500 mAh that is batter than both iPhones. The iPhone Pro max price about 1380 USD that is around Rs.270,000 Rupees.

After One-year apple released these three phones but truly my opinion those phones are not a huge improvement also a lot of their fans bad response because there is no Improvement in these smartphones this so why they would move to these smartphones what is the benefit moving my iPhone X to Apple 11 pro.

There is a little bit of improvement in these smartphones features but the huge difference between Pricing at this time that's not good, Hope you understand Now your turn to what you should do you should buy Or Not it's Up to You.

That's all about the latest Apple iPhones Now it's to see how Apple latest technology attracts mobile users and lovers whole the world. If this apple phone-related information Helpful for you so don't forget to share this information with your friend and relative and Don't forget to subscribe ours subscribe Sooper article newsletter for feature updates. Thank you so much for being here Thank you.