AJS Ministry: The Tabernacle Dwells In YOU!

#AJSMINISTRY (Anton and Jennifer Seals – Anointed to Serve Jesus Ministry)

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AJS Ministry The Tabernacle Dwells In YOU!  #AJSMINISTRY (Anointed to Serve Jesus Ministry) gives God all the praise, honor and glory for what He is doing in our lives.

We now Host our Internet Radio Show via Blogtalkradio.com/AJS-Ministry 5 days a week: Every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 AM until 7:15 AM; also every Wednesday evening 7:00 PM til 8:00 PM with a Special Guest or Bible Topics, & every Friday morning 8:30 AM til 9:30 AM teaching on The Tabernacle Dwells In YOU.

We desire more of His Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding as we pray believing for miracles by Faith and Jesus’ covering. We ask the Lord to stop the senseless killings of children and the innocent by standers in our communities. We also pray for husbands and wives, families, especially our children, marriages, the unemployed, the homeless, those in the military, for healing, financial breakthroughs, for the mentally ill, employment opportunities, those wrongfully incarcerated, battered women and abused children and for our daily bread. We further decree the Body of Christ to discover God’s Plan and His Will for your lives. We were created in His image to do great exploits of miracles, signs and wonders.

For additional information please follow us via #AJS-Ministry Social Media Links: E-mail us at:  AJSMinistry310@gmail.com, go to http://issuu.com/ajsministry to receive the free 19 page excerpts from our book: The Tabernacle Dwells In YOU!

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