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To:      Ministers Anton and Jennifer Seals

From:Pastor St. John and Elder Gay Chisum

Statement on The Tabernacle Dwells In You Class

First and foremost we would like to thank you both for the time and spiritual energy you brought into our church each Wednesday as you taught from your phenomenal book The Tabernacle Dwells In You.

The outcomes are numerous and heartwarming. Your students were very blessed by your sincerity and spirituality.  They felt the spirit of God and the anointing on both of you.  They were inspired by you to seek a real “elevation” in their relationship with God.  They kept coming back month after month to allow your teaching to help them manifest a “closer walk with Jesus”.

As a direct result of The Tabernacle Dwells In You Elevation Class our church has 13 new or dry bones in the valley, revitalized ministries.

We have for the first time an Ecclesiastical Leader Ship Council, who will discuss with the pastor and co-pastor ways to elevate the “spiritual consciousness “of our church.  We held our first Tabernacle Dwells In You Ministries Council meeting and the following statement was given to all in attendance:

God has called you to serve in His Church, Gifts From God Ministry.  You have been called and you have accepted His calling. You are the Ecclesiastical Leadership of our Church.  You are the spiritual role models for all other members to see and emulate.

Finally, we would like to speak to Pastors regarding how your ministry can be blessed by allowing this class to be taught in your church.  Please don’t be apprehensive toward allowing your sheep to be in the spiritual presence of Ministers Anton and Jennifer Seals.  Their teachings in our church were all geared toward elevating the sheep to take burdens off the pastor and co-pastor, not add to his/her already heavy load.  In our opinion, the 13 ministries and the Ecclesiastical Leadership Council was a direct result of the Elevation class members being taught of the power, the responsibility, and blessing of recognizing that all the power of God resides inside of them.  When you are helped to realize the indwelling power of God, it makes you want to serve Him with gladness!

We highly recommend the book and the classes taught as a spiritual blessing and elevating experience for all God’s Children!  AMEN!

Pastor St. John Chisum

Co-Pastor Elder Gay Chisum


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