Written: Marla Thompson"The Shield" Season 6 Premiere and Season 5 DVD Launch Party - Red Carpet

Micheal Jace, a 51 year old actor who has been performing for 22 year was charged in the shooting death of his wife April Jace on Monday, May 12, 2014. According to LAPD’s South Bureau Homicide division, Jace bond was set a $1 Million dollars.

      April and Micheal have two sons both under 10 years old. They were at home when the shooting occurred. 40 year old April Jace came in the house with her two sons from baseball practice about 10 to 15 minutes before several shots rang out in the front hallway of their home.  Micheal shot her with a handgun. Moments later, the police saw Michael Jace standing in his doorway and called him to the street where they arrested him.

          Michael Jace has appeared in 89 episodes of the T.V show called “The Shield”. Where is the violence coming from? Perhaps Jace thought the gun had blanks in it. Or the shooting occurred in one of his television scenes. Violence is deadly, when is the killing going to ” STOP “!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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