By Marcus Robinson

It was a very tense moment at Robeson High School as John Hope College Prep battled St. Frances High in the state regional basketball game.

The clock was ticking and it seemed that that John Hope would lose the game, but John Hope wasn’t about to give up just yet. As the clock wind down to the last few minutes and last seconds, Namon Smith number 2, fired a 3 pointer making the score 61 to 60. It ended up being the final score with St. Frances hinging in there and refusing to go down without a fight. At one time they led by six points on February 24 2017 and it was John Hopes moment. The gym was partly packed and the crowds from both ends of the gymnasium cheered loudly for their team. In the end, only one team would win and that was John Hope College Prep, the kids from Englewood . They will now go onto the next level. On Tuesday February 28 they will play at Chicago hope.


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