By Marcus Robinson 9/7/2020
During the month of July a lot of bad things happen in the city of Chicago. A protest broke out and Police allegedly attacked protesters in Grant park by the Christopher Columbus Statue. A 14 year old boy was shot and killed while at a family gathering in a park in Englewood.
The month of July would close out with another innocent, a black child was  shot and killed in the Cabrini Green Row Housing as he went outside to play. The boy was only nine years old. The month of July was also a month where a lot of  positive things happened that went unnoticed. Amidst death and protesters something great happened. A group of ladies all African American got together and gave a group of inner city youth and their parents an experience that they will remember for a lifetime
Heavenly Cynt Youth organization, and Love teaching Youth organization made this event possible. Both Cynthia Manuel and Officer King Collaborated with each other to make this trip possible. Kids today have a misconception about Police officers so to squash that misconception I wanted to show the kids a different side. Officer King and I decided to plan an outing to the K’ Los Ranch down in South suburbia Illinois at first we were going to get a School Bus Officer King said girl no, let’s get a coach bus and she paid for the bus so that the kids and their parents could have a comfortable ride. said Cynthia. 
I want to also thank Glenda Griffin and her team, the owner of K’ Los Ranch for helping making this possible also, Cynthia said. Cynthia believes that if children are exposed to positive things they will want to be somebody that’s positive. I am living out my dream of owning a horse and riding one, being connected with nature gives you a closer relationship to God. Cynthia said. If children are exposed to different things from what they see in the city maybe just maybe they will want to do different positive things. Maybe the lyrics in their music will change. Cynthia continues to say, when you think of being on the farm, my initial thought was a white owned and operated farm, well as a photojournalist, I was in for a treat when I got off of the bus only to see nothing but people who looked like me. Black ranchers and farmers are like ghosts to many inner city  blacks. Being in the country and seeing the crop duster fly over as Glenda Griffin’s team gave lessons about being on the ranch and riding the horses was a treat to me. 
The kids seem to all be having a good time and the horses seem to love all of the love they were getting and the pet downs from the kids. Cynthia hopes to gain awareness and that people will want to contribute to her and her Officer Kings organizations, so that they can continue to plan trips like this for youth all over the city. Her hope is to  bridge the gap between the police and communities that are divided by racism. Cynthia Manuel contact Email is .


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