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A Place Where Time Seems To Have Stood Steel

Marcus Robinson

Marcus RobinsonR
Marcus Robinson

Neatly tucked away on Chicago’s far south side is an area called Mt. Greenwood where lots of active and retired police officers and fire fighters live. On Saturday November 5 2016 a young black man agedsc_6423 25 was coming from a funeral and got into some type of an altercation with an off duty fire man and some off duty police officers. Joshua Beal who’s from Indianapolis was shot and killed by police. Several shots rang out and he was activist-jamal-d-greendead. That lead to several protest which have now uncovdsc_6258-1ered what many didn’t know existed in this day an age.The protesters were called niggers and animals the podsc_6212lice even told them to get out of here by sun down. After Saturday and Sunday’s protest, another protest was held that following Tuesday on election night. Several activists including father Mike Phleger of St. Sabina Paridsc_6529sh were called racial names like nigger andhey-fuck-you-nigger-a-mt-greenwood-resident-shouted so on. Now what?

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