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Obama Center CBA group joins Right to Recovery Caravan to demand affordable housing for essential workers

WHAT: Community Leaders join caravan to demand Mayor create affordable housing for laid off and essential workers near Obama center
WHERE/WHEN: Thurs. 5/7 – 12:45pm – 6220 S. Stony Island Ave.
WHO: Community leaders and allies of the Obama CBA Coalition.

Chicago, IL – Woodlawn community leaders from the Obama CBA Coalition will join a car caravan protest to demand that Mayor Lightfoot strengthen protections for affordable housing near the Obama Center. The CBA Coalition says the Mayor’s current proposal does not create affordable housing for essential workers or laid off workers who need affordable housing now more than ever. The caravan will meet Thursday 5/7 at 12:45pm and drive across the Southside to join the larger Right to Recovery Caravan which is converging on City Hall and the Thompson Center at 2:30pm.

According to Sharon Payne, a Woodlawn resident with the Obama CBA Coalition: “The Mayor’s Obama center housing ordinance cuts out most essential workers, these folks make less than $50,000, they work in grocery stores, in home healthcare, they need affordable housing now more than ever. The Mayor’s ordinance does nothing for these residents, it is telling these people, that you have to go. That’s unacceptable.”

The CBA Coalition is demanding: 1) 75% of housing built on City Land be truly affordable; 2) 2-3 bedroom affordable units; 3) $5M for homeownership for working families; 4) Preserve rentals for incomes under $50K/yr; and, 5) Cover Woodlawn + 20th Ward Washington Park.

In July Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor and Alderwoman Leslie Hairston introduced the CBA Housing Ordinance in City Council to stop displacement around the Obama Center. The Mayor’s proposed affordable housing ordinance is a response to this ordinance. In a non binding ballot referendum in February last year, in precincts around the Obama Center, over 80% of voters supported the CBA Housing Ordinance.

President Obama has previously said he opposes a private CBA agreement, however, President Obama and the Obama Foundation have not taken a position on the CBA Housing Ordinance introduced in City Council or the Mayor’s proposed Woodlawn Affordable Housing Ordinance.


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