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A Tulane University student is poised to make history by becoming the youngest member of the Mississippi House of Jeramy_anderson.jpgRepresentatives.

Jeramey Anderson, 21, is scheduled to be sworn in today, making him the youngest member of the state’s legislature. Anderson defeated Aneice Liddell with 60 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election.


“This is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” Anderson said.


“Everybody has been very receptive to the idea of having someone so young and another mind in the Legislature,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the experience and as far as all the representatives I’ve spoken to, they’re looking forward to it as well because it’s going to offer a new perspective to a lot of issues that we’re facing here in the state.”


In an interview with the Sun Herald, Anderson says education is the most important issue he’ll face.


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“We focus too highly on standardized testing .. We teach students to memorize the answers to specific questions and ideas, but what we don’t teach them is how is they got those answers. We need to get back to the foundation of understanding why things are what they are,” he said


He also plans to look toward finding solutions for his district’s problems.


“My goal is to bring all these concerns together and all these solutions together and sort out the best way to fix the problems we’re facing,” he said. “My vote is going to be the vote of my constituents, not myself.”


Anderson is majoring in homeland security and public relations at Tulane. He will take classes online once the legislative session begins.




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