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ILRPP is an emergency rental assistance program designed to support households in Illinois that are unable to pay rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tenant-led application period for the Illinois Rental Payment Program is now open!  You may start your application at  Tenants have until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 18 to complete their portion of the application. Tenants will also be provided a pathway to complete their application should they have unresponsive landlords.

  • You may reach the call center at 866-454-3571 or via email at
  • On Monday, June 28 and going forward, the Call Center will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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You may find more program information below including our “How to Apply” video, grant information, eligibility requirements, FAQs and other resources.

  • Please note at this time, there is not an emergency mortgage program for homeowners. We expect a program to open in fall 2021. Please continue to check this site for future program updates.

How To Apply Video (English)

How To Apply Video (English)

How To Apply Video (Spanish)

Grant Information

Applicants are eligible for up to 15 months of assistance. The grant can cover the past due rent from the previous 12 months and future rental assistance for the next three months, if deemed necessary. The maximum grant amount is $25,000. The emergency rental assistance is provided by the Federal government and is free to tenant and housing provider. If approved, the grant will be paid to the housing provider in the form of a check.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive financial assistance through ILRPP, tenants must meet all of the following:

  • Household is at risk of homelessness or housing instability (i.e. household received a past due rent or eviction notice)
  • Household lives in Illinois and rents their home as their primary residence
  • Household’s total gross income cannot exceed 80% Area Median Income for location
  • Household must have experienced a financial hardship directly — or indirectly — due to the pandemic, for example:
    • Being laid off
    • Place of employment has closed
    • Reduction in hours of work
    • Loss of spousal/child support
    • Inability to find work due to COVID-19
    • Having to stay home with children due to closure of day care/school
    • Unable to participate in previous employment due to the workplace’s high risk of severe illness from COVID-19

Documentation Requirements

  • Housing Providers
    • Evidence of past-due rent
    • Copy of 2019 Property Tax Bill or 2021 monthly mortgage statement
    • Grant payment information for check distribution
    • Current signed lease (if available)
    • SSN or ITIN
    • Employer Identification Number (if payment is made to a business entity)
    • Rental unit information (unit type, address, rent amount)
    • Fully executed and current property management agreement (if payment is made to a property manager)
    • Valid email address
  • Tenants
    • Government-issued photo ID
    • A utility bill or proof of address (if the address on your ID is not your current address)
    • Monthly rent and amount past-due
    • Proof of household income in 2020
    • Proof of public assistance (if applicable)
    • Valid email address
    • Proof of immigration status (or social security number) is not required

    The application will be a joint application from the housing provider and the tenant. We strongly encourage you to communicate with each other and begin preparing your materials.

    Completed Applications TotalNumber of Applications FundedAmount Funded AMI% of Approved Applications
    69,7858,672$82,214,911 99% of approvals have assisted households at or below 50% AMI

    ILRPP Frequently Asked Questions

    ILRPP Income Limits

    ILRPP Housing Stability Service (HSS) Provider List

    ILRPP Acceptable Forms/Income Attestation Forms

    2020 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you applied or received funding for the 2020 Emergency Rental Assistance Program and have questions about the program, please reference the Tenant FAQs or the Landlord FAQs.

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