Triple P With Sara Felder


Sara Felder, CCNM Investigative Reporter

Triple P promotes all positive demonstrations that men and women who are currently and have been incarcerated in the USA. We interview them from behind the prison walls and their family and friends to provide them with a “VOICE” to share their loved ones’ positive achievements while incarcerated. Triple P empowers men and women to never give up hope in being able to change their lifestyles and personal situations. As “free” or imprisoned men and women, we provide the “voice” for “the voiceless”. Triple P also promotes artists and their music and the positive lifestyles of men and women throughout the USA and overseas!! If you have a story you want to share or an artist please email me!!


Antwon Wilson (AT Funny)

AT Funny (Antwon Wilson) is an American comedian and social media personality.  Born August 1, 1984 raised in the downtown area Los Angeles by his grandmother.   AT’s was no stranger to abuse nor to the snare of feigned familial identity in gangs in his formative and adolescent years.  Attempting to escape the gang life, AT attended high school outside of his district at Leuzinger High School in the Southbay area.  High school football gave AT hope of a way to make it in life through sports and a positive sense of belonging.  It was then the comedy seed was planted as he was not only a popular athlete, he was the class clown.

The year 2010 was a particularly hard year for AT with the loss of his mother and cousin, among other close friends.  He spiraled into a depression and began self-medicating.  AT eluded addiction by getting a job and began pursuing a career in firefighting.  However, his prospects to become a firefighter were abruptly ended when he became a victim of gun violence that almost claimed his life in 2017.  Through all of the harrowing events in his life, AT always found a way to laugh and make others laugh.  It became a part of his recovery. Comedy was cathartic and therapeutic for AT and continues to be.  It was after meeting another emerging comedian, who encouraged AT to consider comedy professionally, did AT realize it was time to pursue this latent passion.  

AT Funny is most notable for his comedic commentary on his social media channels (IG: @at.funny FB: @AT Wilson) which has caught the attention and has been shared on both Snoop Dog and 50 Cent’s pages.  He has a comedic interlude feature on Million Dollar Mindframe’s album “EPISODE”.  AT’s podcast “STRAIGHT LIKE THAT!” can be found on Apple Podcasts where AT and guests openly discuss topics ranging from sports, music, entertainment to politics, relationships and mental health, finding levity in life’s realities.  AT is currently working on a short film where he has a key character role and is also contributing as a creative consultant to be released on YouTube.

We follow each other on social media and no matter what he posts will have you laughing for hours! I had an opportunity to talk to him and he is a down to earth man who is a pleasure to talk too! I wanted to share his story and if you are not following him on social media make sure you do today! ***Bio courtesy of Antwon Wilson


Original Bakeem


Originally,  Bakeem the rap artist was born in Trinidad, West Indies, the land of Calypso Socca, Reggae and dancehall music . When he was one year old his parents and brother moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY where he learned to be a gentleman and a black activist. Original Bakeem whose given name is Barry Kirton is a US Army veteran and 9-11 survivor. Original Bakeem used to DJ music and rap at parties with the Chaos Crew for five years then Original Bakeem danced for the rap trio IME in the 1990s.

 In 2001 he came out with his 1st CD album ‘Down Dirty and Emotional’.In 2003 he came out with his 2nd album ‘I’m coming for Dinner’. In 2005 he came out with ‘Knuckle up’. Then in 2008 ‘Rebel Rap’ was his 4th CD album.  His next album in 2011 was ‘The best of Bakeem’. Bakeem’ 6th CD album was ‘Rap Soldiers’ which is currently on social media. Just Google Nat Shockley , then go to Bakeem stream on Soundcloud and enjoy. His current video is ‘Bakeem Allah Cooler than the Fonz’. This video is on YouTube. Original Bakeem has dope music which you can hear on TRIPLE P RADIO (WWW.WMSKONLINERADIO.COM) We were introduced through a good friend of ours Kwasi Edge,CEO B.M.E. (Big Man Entertainment) to each other. I am looking forward to future interviews and events together. I want to thank Original Bakeem for his service in the US Army!! 


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Queen Lucy Woody (Queen Mother Wisdom)

Queen Lucy Woody is the CEO and Founder of “Justice for the Abused” which provides service in the community.  “Justice for the abused” is located in New York. All year and each year, they provide the following services to the community health and awareness groups, mentoring, education tutorial programs arts and crafts, Art therapy, writing skills, science and horticulture resources. They provide legal assistance and referrals for youth offenders. Aiding and assisting people with support for domestic violence and legal justice. This empowers them through their experiences and resilience.

Mission Statement: To inspire humanity and to accelerate the world’s transitions through sustainability and empowerment. Our focus is to inspire our constituents to share in our idealistic aspirations for the future. Our values reflect our morals, our written depictions for unity and peace throughout the environments we occupy.

Our Mission: Seeks to bring about a safe and healthy environment. Offering of numerous trades and educational programs are as follows and designed to promote integrity and empowerment.

  • Our ideas will be groundbreaking. Our duties are to teach and be forever mindful of our goals. 
  • Our values to honor all promises and commitments and to deliver results.
  • Our objective is to always achieve our desired results.
  • Our search for new and better practices.


Queen Mother Wisdom and I were introduced through Kwasi Edge, CEO B.M.E. (Big Man Entertainment) to each other. I am looking forward to working with her with future events. Queen is an amazing, beautiful and powerful woman! She is the voice of the voiceless! Triple P Radio (www.WMSKONLINERADIO.COM) promotes all positive women and men who are doing or have done time while incarcerated. I am looking forward to future interviews with Queen Mother Wisdom!! Stay amazing my beautiful sister! 

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Triple P wants to introduce Tylisha McCormick known as Oceania to the world…. She is 24 years old from New York. She is an upcoming artist, model, and a part of B.M.E (Big Man Entertainment).

She is also an activist. Oceania works for the National Action Network run by Al Sharpton. She is also great friends with the exonerated five. She started singing when she was 11 years old. “My dad Kwasi Edge knew I was going to be a huge star ever since I was born!” she told me.

Oceania is Kwasi Edge’s beautiful daughter who has such a kind soul. I am honored to have been introduced to her and looking forward to working with her in the future. All her positive work she is doing is going to help so many women and men in the world.

**Picture Courtesy of Oceania
 (Oceania pictured with REV. AL Sharpton)

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Let me introduce the man behind Natural BORN Hustlaz Music Group (N.B.H.M.G ) ….Mr. Rolando Leon known to the world as Fase B. He is the CEO of N.B.H.M.G at the age of 40. It only serves him right as he missed out half of his life do to being incarcerated at just turning the age of 22 and serving a 30 year sentence for Murder, weapons and kingpin status of running a drug ring out of Cypress Hill Projects in East New York Brooklyn.

Fase B. fought and studied and appealed his sentence and the courts modified his sentence after the Rockefeller Law was implemented and then he was released after the charges were dismissed do to lack of evidence. Upon his release he remained friends with a few guys who were talented with rapping and started his very own music label and recruited these men to make some of the hottest music in the streets today.

“Being from Brownsville Brooklyn is like a gift and a curse” he says. “I was a nerd in school and loved going to school” Fase B. told me. He just got caught up with the wrong crowd, but God doesn’t put things before us that we can’t handle so he fought mentally, emotionally and physically and learned that life is about risk its just the ones we take that defines who we are…nobody is perfect. We all fall, but its our bounce back that matters in the end.

Fase B. acknowledges his teams’ talent with a gold grill smile and says, “if you don’t like this music then you don’t know real music.” With this talent surrounding his label the music world is in for a really big surprise, in his own words “N.B.H.M.G. is family and their energy is super dope!” If you’re not aware then, beware because at 40 years old and a team like this, Fase B. isn’t taking no for an answer. After hearing this music I couldn’t say no neither. Its fresh, its dope and its exciting! You can’t do nothing except say thank you to N.B.H.M.G.

Shouts out to Kwasi Edge for introducing me to Fase B. and N.B.H.M.G. I’m looking to future interviews and events with them. He made number 1 on HOT 97.1 (New York) hottest on the leader board.  You can hear their music on TRIPLE P Radio  ( Sundays from 2p-4p EST Triple P Radio promotes all positive men and women are doing and have done while incarcerated. Fase B. took a negative situation and made a positive one and is CEO of Natural Born Hustlaz  Music Group! I salute him for not letting the system keep him from accomplishing his goals in life! Continue to live life to the fullest!!

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Kwasi Edge


Big Man Edge AKA Kwasi Edge is the CEO/Founder of Big Man Entertainment LLC. He was born in Manhattan NY and raised in Brooklyn NY and educated in private and public schools. In addition, he also attended college as well as” The School of Hard Knock”! He served in the US Army (Thank you Kwasi for your service) where he took communication and tactical and field wiring. He also had experienced some prison time.  He stayed positive and took a negative situation and made so many positive ones once he was released from prison.  He has other good jobs, but his favorite is what he is doing now – entertainment. He started his company Big Man Entertainment LLC in the Bronx NY in April of 2008. Beginning with comedy shows and open mics as well as industry nights. And now he manages, markets, promotes, and produces artists, models and fashion shows. He has a TV show called” The BME TV Show”. He has The BME Angle Models and The BME Allstars. He has a clothing line (apparel) and other merchandise! He is working on starting his own nonprofit organization, and a radio and podcast show. He is building his own empire! Kwasi is a man who wears many of hats!

Kwasi Edge and I were introduced from a good friend of mines, BooBlack Don2real, Who Is the CEO of Rebirth Nation. Triple P Radio is looking forward to doing future events and interviews with Kwasi Edge (Big Man Entertainment). Kwasi has such positive energy and is doing and has done a lot of positive things and is ready to continue to make things happen!!  Make sure you follow him on all social media platforms!

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Crunchy Black was a longtime member of the Oscar-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia from the group’s founding until 2006. At the the 78th Academy Awards in 2006, Three 6 Mafia and Frayser Boy won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Its Hard out Here for a Pimp”. Crunchy’s debut solo album entitled “On My Own” was released on September 19,2006. His second solo album, “From Me To You” reached 12 on the Billboard Top Heat seekers chart. In 2013, Crunchy Black joined Da Mafia 6ix, a reincarnation of Three 6 Mafia with DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, Koopsta Knicca and Gangsta Boo.

Crunchy Black is currently preparing for the release of “Return of The Robbers” movie, album and soundtrack. In 2019, Three 6 Mafia reunited and started a reunion tour and has dates booked up until 2021. Make sure you check out Uncle Beats featuring Crunchy Black and Pyscho Capone’s song “How Long”. The song is dope! Go to WWW.GWOPGETTAS.COM for interviews on Crunchy Black. 

******Interview was courtesy of Leland Jones (Uncle Beats) IG:@unclebeats


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 Strizzle Seven aka Lavelle Johnson was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Growing up in the Hill District section of the city is where a young Strizzle experienced the life and hardships that are brought to you through his art of music. Strizzle has given the state prison system almost 10 years of his life collectively and during those prison stints he lost a daughter who passed, both loving grandparents, and his son mother, Also a major father figure, and countless close friends and associates. Strizzle also in the future, wants to focus his time and money accumulated to prison reform and the local communities of inner city black youth across the nation.

Strizzle is dedicated to bringing good music to the world and is fixated on bringing substance back to the core of hip hop music itself by telling the stories of his experiences and community problems over undeniable beats and hooks. Strizzle Seven’s first project was a mixtape named “Courtesy Of Tha Hood” which was released in 2012. Strizzle followed that up with the release of his first album in 2016 “The Why Report”, and after a 4 year prison stint Strizzle Seven came home August of 2020 and released his second album “Seven” which has solid bangers like “Made In China” and “Pressure” that turn you up to party or songs like “Cheaters” detailing a man’s train of thought when he cheats on his woman. 

Strizzle is looking to make a very big splash in the music ocean very soon!! He recently linked a new management partnership with JP Music Entertainment INC who is a comet fast rising company. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THIS MAN!!! Strizzle Seven is the real deal.I am happy to be a part of the management team for Strizzle. Make sure you tune in for an exclusive interview on TRIPLE P RADIO (WMSKONLINERADIO.COM with him!  TRIPLE P RADIO promotes all positive men and women are doing and have done while incarcerated! Strizzle took a negative situation and made a positive one! His music is dope and make sure you tune in SUNDAYS from 2P-4P EST to hear his music. 

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My name is Ibrahim Sulaimani. I’m originally from the Middlesex County area of New Brunswick, but now residing in Camden County Cherry Hill, post incarceration. I was incarcerated March 2, 1988 and charged with 2 Counts of Felony Murder, 1 Count of Knowing and Purposeful Murder, Robbery, and Weapons Related offenses. At the time I was only 15 years of age. I was arraigned in family court under the classification of a juvenile, but shortly after waived to the adult system in spite of a clinical psychologist testifying that I could probably be rehabilitated within five years of being sent to Albert C. Wagner Correctional Facility in Bordentown, New Jersey. 

I stood trial as an adult and was found guilty by a jury not of my peers. I had 11 white jurors and one black juror not including 1 black alternate juror and 1 white alternate juror. After four weeks of trial, I was acquitted of Knowing and Purposeful Murder, but guilty of all other charges on May 9, 1990. In September of that same year, I was sentenced to serve 30 years to life as the judge disregarded all mitigating factors and only focused on the mitigating ones to justify the enhancement of my sentence. 

Following my sentence, I was sent to Yardville Youth Correctional Facility. While there, I took numerous   programs such as Anger Management, Behavior Modification, Focus on the Victim and the likes thereof. I also obtained my High School Diploma and took numerous skill building trades such as Upholstery, Cosmetology, and Data Processing. I also took numerous college courses by mail with American University because by this time all Higher Learning classes had been removed from all New Jersey prisons. After doing 15 years in Yardville, I was shipped to East Jersey State Prison per administrative after aging out. Up until 2012/2013 I held an institutional work detail. In 2012/2013 NJ STEP which is college consortium of Rutgers, Princeton, Mercer County Community College, NJ College of New Jersey and Raritan. NJ STEP stands for New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prison came to East Jersey State Prison. Between 2013 and 2016 I earned my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, ServSafe Certification, and OSHA 30 Certification. 

In March of 2018 I was granted parole on my first eligibility as the fruit of my hard work and dedication towards self -excellence and surrounding myself with like- minded individuals. I was released on May 24, 2018 at the age of 45. Since being home I have enrolled in Rutgers University where I am studying for my BA in Criminal Justice Studies, I have testified at New Jersey Senate hearings for the restoration of Voting Rights for those on probation and parole. I have held several jobs (UPS Driver, FedEx Driver, Christmas Tree Warehouse TRT and Cherry Picker Operator, Ron’s Moving Company Driver, Realtor’s Right Hand Driver, and now for Camden Counties Reentry Services and a NuEntry Opportunity Specialist (NOS). As a NOS I use my lived carceral experience as a Credible Messenger to deter others, adult and youth alike, from recidivating. I also connect them to those with vital resources deemed perdant to their success. This is also known as peer-on-peer mentoring. 

I am also the Executive Director of Transformative Justice Initiative which is a prisoner advocacy organization inside and out. We also move to publicize the systems and institutions that move in contrast to their public claims. I’m a member of All Of Us Or None. Myself and Tone Henshaw are the Co-Founders of Meet Em At The Gate which is also part of our peer on peer and Credible Messaging. Meet Em At The Gate is where we lovingly welcome those coming home after long periods of time in prison to let them know that it is going to be alright, you can make it just like we have; we got your back too. With Meet Em at the Gate we try to immediately stifle some of the traumas of prison and the sudden fears of being released into an unfamiliar world. We usually cap it off by either going for a walk to a nearby convenience store to let them make their first purchase or someplace to eat. This helps the decompress as we let them know some of what they will experience. It also lets their families know if present, how they should approach him/her as they deescalate from that hostile prison mindset.

Ibrahim and I were introduced through Maxwell Melvins. The conversation we had was powerful!! He has taken a negative situation and made a positive one by continuing to be “the voice of the voiceless”! I am looking forward to working with him and helping them in any way to fight for second chances for the men and women who are incarcerated! He was a positive role model for the men in prison and continues to be a positive role model for the youth and men and women who are currently incarcerated and who are in the world! TRIPLE P RADIO (WMSKONLINERADIO.COM) promotes all positive men and women are doing and have done while incarcerated. I salute Ibrahim for all he has done while incarcerated and all he is doing now!!!

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Zeus Rebel Waters is an American hip hop artist/songwriter, entrepreneur, single-dad, community leader and philanthropist. The St. Louis native brings a distinct sound and style to hip hop known simply as Gumbo – a gritty blend of all genres mixed with melodic cadence and eclectic rhymes. The indie rapper brings raw energy to the stage and unleashes it to all his fellow, “Rebels” making his live show an experience of high-intensity and positive vibes. His breakout record “Like This” from the album, Escaped Off The Chains, received placement in TV commercials, NFL games, the Rogue Pictures film, Waist Deep, and the hit drama series, The Sopranos. From humble beginnings to Hoo Bangin’ Records, Waters has become a major player throughout the bi-state region. Now, the deity rapper is setting his sights on the global market. With business ventures in fashion, film, and community development, Zeus’ imprint goes far beyond bars and tracks. Zeus is a champion for the unconventional, encouraging his fans and mentees to be authentic, seen and celebrated. Zeus and his “Rebels” fan base stand for unity and motivation, which helps to break “hood” stereotypes and the status quo. Zeus’ new, long awaited album, “Long Way From Home,” launches on October 30th, on all digital music platforms featuring his new hit track, “Luv,” which is already getting major airplay in cities such as St. Louis, Chicago and in areas around Dallas, TX. 

Zeus used his time during the nationwide Covid-19 Pandemic shutdown to not only connect with his fanbase and other artists on a regular basis, sharing his passion and vision, but to create and develop new music, His new album has been called a musical and lyrical journey through his mind and soul. The St. Louis native has combined 13 riveting songs, that flow through various genres including Hip-Hop, EDM, Soul, R&B, Rock, Country and Gospel. This audible combination of styles found on this new album is sure to be a hit amongst his current and future fans! In addition to “LUV,” this album also features standout tracks such as In Da Club, Sunday, Energy and Hood Salsa. Zeus is currently on a tour through middle America with more dates soon to be announced. Stayed tuned….Zeus is soon to make a major announcement in January 2021! Make no mistake, Zeus Rebel Waters is here!

TRIPLE P RADIO is looking forward to working with Zeus with future events and for future interviews! Zeus is an amazing man with all he is doing with his music and with the community! He is a positive role model for the youth and a positive role model and great father to his children. 


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My Name is BOOBLACK DON2REAL, CEO of Rebirth Nation started out my journey as a hip hop dancer and R&B singer. Grew up in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx NY. I was surrounded by drugs and violence all childhood and my adult life.. My only escape was music. I joined a group called 14KT..where I was hired for dancing but quickly turned into a back up singer that led into a lead role. I was very honored. 3 years in it came to an end with the death of 2 members also hardships with payrolls. I spent 6 years in total in the penitentiary. 

When I returned to civilization. I swore to never return and never to sell drugs again.  I started a small company BOOBLACKS Platform…that turned into DON2REAL Inc.. That including helping young artist with studios, music, dance then video shoots.. It lead me here today still working hard for others the correct way..the movement is called The Rebirth Nation…performing with hip hop legends Peso131 of the Fearless 4; DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell.. Red Alert; Ralph Mcdaniels of Video Music Box; Debra Coco Host of Just Gimme The Mic;  Boogieblack Petawane Markie3. 

Happy The Pioneer, The Voice of Harlem..Colabs In Venues with Ice T; Mic Benzo, Mr David Bolds Jamil Flores of The Aquarius Boyz; Together with the Art Of Rap..2021 The year of the rebirth. Im Don2real, the rebirth starts with me!!! Help support loyalty, honesty, love and peace together so we can make beautiful moments in music. 


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My name is Wade K Smalls, stage name Wade DaGod ,I come from Moore House Projects in the South Bronx,NY. Kool DJ AJ. and Kenny Gee put me in the game. I used to carry the mic not the records. Kenny used to kill the mic and I used to watch and one day I got on and AJ was liked what I was saying. It was like 1982 and he brought me to John Adams Projects to some God Bodys called the Supreme Masters. It was 3 DJS and they all were nice and 8 mcees. We were like the WU. I was not good yet, I started getting crazy with the skills and going around NYC to battle. That’s when I got down with the L Brothers. DJ Mean Gene was my DJ Tone Rone ,Tricky Vic and Flex R.I.P.  The rest is history! Now I have my own label South Bronx Muzik. It’s me, my wife and all. I am a part of Don2Real Rebirth Nation. I am a legend in this game and still killing it. I am Hip Hop. 








Luciano Galvan better known as “Flaco” Artist name ‘Dat Ese Flaco’ is a rapper/tattoo artist that was blessed to be born Mexican. Born and raised on the north end of Toledo, Ohio. He was adopted at 6 months old,he was raised by Mr. Lucas Galvan and Mrs. Selia Garcia along with his brother Juan who was also adopted. When He was in 6th Grade he found out He was adopted, After that, things started going downhill from there. He turned rebellious against his parents and started skipping school and smoking weed. He ended up moving to 3rd Ward Houston ,Texas. At 16, that’s when his life ended up in the fast lane where u either move or get moved. 6 months after moving to the Trey, He ended up joining L.T.P  (Looney Tunes Posse), a third ward gang consisting of mostly Hispanic members. This started the gang life. He Caught a manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance charge and went straight to Harris County Jail, sentenced to 6 months, not even a month after his 18th Birthday.

 Moved back to Toledo Ohio upon his release from Harris County Jail and got right back into the street life. Flaco ended up bad on drugs and living on the streets. At 21 He got in touch with his biological mother and went to Florida to finally meet her and all his biological family. Things didn’t work out for him there in Florida, due to the state of mind He had at that time, so He went back to Houston. Got worse into drugs and was living on the streets again. From sleeping in abandoned cars to sleeping under bridges… he was at rock bottom. He had started writing raps in high school with his best friend Joseph Gomez (artist name: THC) and that was his scapegoat from the reality of the life He was living then and to this very present day. 

He was sentenced 5 years to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections for “Participating in a criminal gang” Did most his time in the music room writing verses, tattooing, playing handball, and of course, if a problem occurred, he was alongside his Raza riding for the cause. He got released March 2014 only to realize his city was being ravished by Fentanyl and backstabbing. And with a trust level as messed up as his all it did was made him make sure his circle stayed smaller than a cheerio. Linked back up with his homie Alan Horton (Bolic) and pushed the record label 1837 Iz MEE (Misfit Everything Entertainment) from 2014-2019 Until He cut ties with the label. 

He Worked at 2720 Tattoo and Piercings (located 2720 w. Sylvania Ave. Toledo, Ohio) From 2018-2020 alongside shop owner Julian Ybarra and Co-worker Arsinio Velasquez as a tattoo artist but been tattooing for several years before that. Flaco linked up with Jovan Hansman and with the blessings of Lil Wyte got to pushing Wyte Music MidWest. He moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he now resides working on his music career, his tattoo career, and mainly himself, along with seeking a way to build a bond with his only Son.

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Antonne Henshaw, is a Rutgers Camden School of Criminal Justice Graduate School Student, Executive Director of C.A.N.D.O., Camden African Neighborhood Development Organization, Community Organizer, Founding Member of N.J.S.T.E.P., New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prison Program, Motivational\Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, NuEntry Opportunity Specialist for Camden County, and Credible Messenger. Mr. Henshaw has dedicated himself to eradicating mass incarceration and changing legislation to end the structural violence that threatens the public health of our communities. He is an outspoken advocate against police brutality in and outside of the carceral spaces of New Jersey. He is committed to educating the Community about the machinations of brutality that permeates the carceral state that is disproportionally directed at Black and Brown “Carceral Citizens”. 

Antonne and I were introduced threw Maxwell Melvins. The first conversation Antonne and I had was an amazing and powerful one! He took a negative situation and made it a positive one while incarcerated! He went to prison as a juvenile and while “doing time” didn’t let “the time” do him!! He was a positive role model for the men he was in prison with. He was their “voice” behind the walls and continues to be their “voice” from the outside! Antonne was given a “second chance at life” and is using it in a positive way to help the men and women in prison fight for their freedom and help the ones who are out stay out! He guides them in a positive way of living life! He has a strong team that meets the men and women at the gates upon their release!! I think that is beyond amazing what he does and am looking forward to working with him in the future !! TRIPLE P RADIO promotes all positive men and women are doing and have done while incarcerated and Antonne Henshaw is making a difference everyday in someones life!!!

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The Hustlers Corner NYC’ is a talk show podcast located in New York City.  In 2019, Perry L. Duff created a content of videos that is related to what is going on today in the black community.

Perry has teamed up with Jeannette Davis and discussed their visions to establish a standard podcast station whose programs will not only be listened to in New York City, but also throughout the United States of America, and other parts of the world online streaming.

‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ podcast mission to provide platforms to promote advertising and marketing. Our biggest topics are helping our communities, supporting the innocent people who are wrongfully convicted and serving long sentences, and black businesses.

‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ podcast started to air in June 2019. Here are our website and previous shows:

Website: And podcasts available to listen to at:

‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ will continue to grow big to network with leading talk shows and organizations. ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC podcast’s importance of building a business structure that can support other businesses.

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Elaine Gulified

Instagram/Facebook/Tik Tok Bio Model for DON2REAL INC. REBIRTH NATION

My name is Elaine Gulifield. My stage name is Adore, I am a Creator on Tik Tok. I also go by Starqualitylane on Instagram. I just wanted to take the time to introduce a bit about myself. I have five beautiful children, 4 sons and 1 daughter. All of my children are uniquely different and altogether talented. My children are singers, creators, artists, producers and entrepreneurs.

Ok, you can tell I love my children with all my heart and soul and I can talk about them all day. All their lives they heard me sing to them and watched me perform songs to them with my daughter joining in. I could spend hours doing that with them, so it’s ironic that now I’m a part of Tik Tok that I could bring everything to life and everyone gets to see what my children already knew of me. Ok, now about my stage name Adore, there is a reason why I choose this name. All my life people, strangers would seem to connect with me when first meeting me, it’s always and instant.

I’m always told they feel very comfortable around me and feel like they can tell me anything. I’m a great listener and most of all I love for people to feel good about who they are, I try to get them to see the beauty within themselves, if they have any doubts. It’s a wonderful feeling for all involved. Treat people the way you want to be treated, most of the time even better. I love to enjoy and have fun, I love God and trust in him, without him nothing is possible. He makes everything better.

Somewhere along the line I’ve been told by numerous individuals if not as many that I am adored, for who I was, a good caring person and entertaining so eventually I heard it so much I took it on as my stage name. I would like to say this, even though it’s my stage name I share it with all because I want everyone to feel adored. I want to introduce how Starqualitylane came about, again this name derived from most people telling me this. I’ve been told I have a Starquality presence about myself. I’ve been told it was my fashion sense and that I had that look.

Since numerous people said this to me, I used it and added part of my real name at the end. It is my Instagram name. My Tik Tok videos are of singing, acting and dancing, with that being said, I believe dreams really do come true. I believe what you put out into the universe will soon present itself to you. and here I am now sharing this story with you and I am also a model for DON2REAL INC. REBIRTH NATION. Tik Tok is fun. I love it. I recommend it to anyone, there is no rhyme or reason, whatever your vision is, use Tik Tok to create and watch your imagination come alive on videos that you create. I have to say I’ve never been a part any social media app where everyone is supportive and shows love one another. It’s just a beautiful feeling to be a part of it.


FB: Elaine Gulifield

TIK TOK: Adore_e



Keziah-Amirra Anderson, who goes by the stage name, ‘Keziah-Amirra is a vibrant and mature vocal singer, lyric writer and performer from NYC. Born in Harlem and Raised in the Bronx, music has been a part of her life since birth with a family full of musicians and singers, it was never any doubt that this girl would reach stardom one day. As a child, a teen and now an adult, she would sing anywhere for anyone at any time. Junior High school chorus is where she knew she wanted to sing to the world, but later on dealing with trials and tribulations in her life, her music had to come to a quick stop. Being away from the music life was like death.

The music kept calling her soul to come back. It started again in 2005 when she moved back to Harlem for a change and to start her career in music. In 2006, she was asked to sing a hook on a song and after that, people wanted to hear more, she then learned to write lyrics. In 2007, she was in the studio laying down songs. In 2008, she self taught herself at Karaoke how to work a crowd and mic control. Later in the same year, she was doing talent shows and open mics throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC and has never lost a showcase, undefeated. In 2009, she put out her first album,’ LIFE’. The first song off the album was, ‘Fool For U’ with a video that followed and played on MNN Network. The song later became a hood anthem.

In 2010 she won first place at the Apollo. In 2011, she released her second song ‘WHY?’ with a video that followed. Then ‘Energy’ and ‘What’s Going On?’ Later that year she learned how to sing with bands through live band open mics where she was being called the Billie Holiday of our time nicknamed ‘Lady Day’ in the night life world of musicians is where she made herself a household name which allowed her to be able to create her own band called ‘HARRLYM.’ This allowed her to sing her own created songs and even graced the stage at Lincoln Center. She has created an excellent resume of all the places she has performed on Youtube/keziahamirra and other platforms.

In 2017 is when she decided to take a break from music to reinvent herself as an Artist and maybe learn an instrument. Everywhere this woman goes she leaves a remarkable impression upon people with her style, her grace and her voice. In 2020 she came back ready as she won an award for ‘Artist to lookout for’ and has been performing and doing interviews. She is currently creating music for 2021 and is currently working with DON2REAL.INC. REBIRTH NATION as an Independent Artist.
To find out more about this Artist, you can find her on ALL social media platforms,
Youtube and more @KEZIAHAMIRRA.




My name is Adine Parker. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. I really didn’t like talking too much. I felt no one listened. But my pen and paper. My story starts off so nice, family always around me, both sets of grandparents and my mom.  My dad died when I was five. In a blink of an eye things changed, my family home was no more. And the group home was my new home. Fifteen years old and angry as hell! And not knowing why I was there.

My Angry Stage 

I didn’t give a damn about nothing or nobody not even myself. I was my own enemy. I spend six months to a year in a semi lock up. Sounds crazy right, but it is true. There is where I decided to advance myself and not destroy myself. Finding a silver lining in a dark cloud. God does things for a reason. God put people in my path that understood my pain before I did. They took me under their wing and showed me how to see the calm in the storm.

I started off with a blood family. In a blink of an eye my world as I knew it…   Gone Fifteen years of age placed in a group home. Mmmmm that was a damn struggle within itself. But after my angry stage, Yes I was so angry, so many questions unanswered. My anger almost destroyed my potential. Staff understood my anger and my story before I did. They took me under their wing. They become my family with their help and his guidance. I became active and productive. I got my GED, my first job and went to college. But the bottom line is through all my struggles I am now an author/poet/50+model.

It’s not where you come from it where you’re going and what message you are sending.

It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.




George Trudel, served 31 years of a life sentence without parole in Pennsylvania. He served time at Graterford State Prison. George worked diligently on his college education with Villanova University. After 17 years he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts graduating Magna Cum Laude. George’s life sentence was commuted by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, on April 30th,2019 and he was released from prison on May 14th,2019.

George Trudel has been appointed to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor working as Commutation Specialist for Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. George works directly with men and women who are serving life without parole sentences, across all state prisons in Pennsylvania. He directs them how to properly prepare their commutation applications for consideration with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

George is an amazing man who I had the honors of speaking to on different occasions. He stayed positive and focused while in prison. He continues to help the men and women serving life without parole in Pennsylvania. George is 54 years old and resides in Feasterville, PA.    with his family and beautiful Rotty Frankie! It was an honor to share George’s story for the world to read!!! #SecondChanceForLifers




Jeffrey Hazle JR. #M23915 is currently incarcerated at an Illinois Correctional Facility serving time for aggravated battery and sentenced to 12 years. He has a strong support team from his mother and grandmother. They have been there for him from day 1! His mother sent me some poems he has written while incarcerated. Jeffrey wanted to share them with us. TRIPLE P RADIO (WMSKONLINERADIO.COM) promotes all positive men and women are doing and have done while incarcerated. Big shouts out to Jeffrey for taking a negative situation and making it a positive one!!!



Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson also know as “Ms. Hemp Lady” is one of Chicago’s top sales person in the Wakanna For Life Channabis Business. Terry started her career in advertising business with NBC over 30 years ago. She was the Co-Founder for a Non-for-Profit Wellness Ministry that worked with Alderman and Community Health Leaders teaching the benefits of a plant- base lifestyle for over 10 years. Terry also lobby in 2019 in Springfield for the legalization of the Cannabis plant and for the safe place to use and grow this plant in Illinois.

Terry is the mother of a 19 year old daughter Nia Imani. She loves animals and eating organic plant base cuisines. She also enjoys walking, reading, and developing her spiritual practice and reading personal development books.

I met Terry a few years ago and she and I have become great friends! 2 Boss Women helping women go to the next level in life!! Terry is a beautiful, powerful “boss” woman who is always helping women get to the next level with Wakanna!! She is a positive role model for women all over the world! Terry is in the business that can help women and men  become their “own boss”. Contact Terry today!! 


IG @MsHempLady

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Darrell Craig Story…. (Muqiym Abdur Rahmam)

On December 12, 2006, an event happened that would drastically change a man’s life. This Man’s Name Is Darrell Craig. A robbery occurred in Gloster, Mississippi on December 12,2006. Shortly After A Suspect Was Apprehended for The Crime. Nearly Two Weeks After This Crime Was Committed on December 21, 2006 Darrell Was Pulled Over for A Traffic Stop in Houston Texas & Was Later Arrested Because Of A Warrant for His Arrest 2 States Away in Mississippi. This Had to Be Some Kind of Mix Up. Darrell Didn’t Know Anything About A Robbery & Was in Texas At the Time of The Robbery & Had an Alibi to Prove It. On December 28,2006 Darrell Was Extradited to Mississippi. When Interviewed by Law Enforcement Darrell Told Them He Didn’t Have Anything to Do with It This Had to Be Some Kind of Mix Up. The Law Enforcement Only Sought to Make Darrell Admit to A Crime He Didn’t Commit. Upon Getting His Discovery Motion Darrell Noticed the Witness/Suspect Who Had Implicated Him into This Falsehood Was in Fact the Person Apprehended for The Robbery. The Witness/Suspect Was A Former Boyfriend of Darrell Cousin Who He Had Friction Within the Past. This Witness/Suspect Was Abusing Darrell Cousin in The Past That Caused This Friction. Before the Abuse Started Darrell & This Witness/Suspect Had A Good Relationship. Darrell & His Cousin Even Sought Refuge at The Witness/Suspect House When Hurricane Katrina Desolated New Orleans. During Darrell Stay at This Witness/Suspect House He Left A Pair of Boots There by Mistake. On September 18, 2008 Darrell Went to Trial for This Crime. The States Only Evidence Was the Testimony of The Witness/Suspect Who Was Facing His Third Strike If Convicted & A Boot That Was Planted by This Witness/Suspect Which Darrell Left at His House A Year Previously. The Boot Had Five People DNA In It & Darrell DNA Wasn’t A Match but Couldn’t Be Excluded. The Witness/Suspect Admitted During Trial That He Didn’t Take A Plea Deal Yet Because the State Didn’t Trust His Testimony. The Only Way He Would Receive This Sweetheart Deal Is If Darrell Was Convicted. Ultimately Darrell a First Time Offender Was Found Guilty of This Robbery & Sentenced To 30 Mandatory Years. While the Witness/Suspect Walked Free. Darrell Has Been Incarcerates for Nearly 15 Years. This Was Truly an Injustice & It Happens Every Day Across The USA. Darrell Needs Proper Assistance with People Who Can Bring This Injustice to Light. If There’s Any Way You Can Offer Your Support, It Will Be Deeply Appreciated by Darrell & His Family. Share His Story Help in Shedding Light to The Injustice Darrell Is Facing in The Racist State of Mississippi. In the Words of Dr. Martin Luther King” Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat to Justice Everywhere.” 

You Can Learn More About Darrell & His Story on Instagram & Facebook Under #FreeDarrellCraigMovement.




What would you say about a man who did three state bids? 

One for two-three years

One to two to four years

And one for 4 to 8 years? 

Then after that did 17 to 20 years in a federal penitentiary. What would you say about this same person who lived through a time of great lust of the flesh in which he’s seen women do the most debased things to themselves for money, the characteristics of poverty and other poverty problems? What would you say about the same man who lived in and been through the industrial prison system?

This same man who educated himself Behind Bars, and came out with a college degree, only to come face to face with constant unemployment from rejection over his past record and his introduction of poverty? Then you would be talking about Decaress Smith. And the story of a man who lived through years of crime, depravity, incarceration, the absolute absence total morality, questions about poverty and other poverty problems to survive till this day to tell his tale.

During the late 90s African Americans were 49% of people arrested in America but only 13% of the population with 32% of the incarcerated. Young black males during this time had a 29% chance of being incarcerated. It was also during this time that from the late 70s to the late 90s African American males made up nearly 80% of the incarcerated population in the United States. This came as a result of the so-called War on Drugs and other poverty problems during that time to address the crack epidemic that proliferated throughout the African American community in the country.

The result was that the arrest rate of black people skyrocketed. Today however drug use amongst black people has dropped significantly only to be replaced by the opioid’s epidemic in the white community. Yet the treatment of this epidemic is in stark contrast to the incarceration approach of black people during the crack epidemic. Decaress Smith lived through all of this. Witnessing stressed and depressed from first-hand experience friends, relatives, as well as himself the results of such nefarious activities during that time. 

He tells his story in a series of interviews on The Hustlers Corner New York City. He pulls no punches, and he tells it like it is. The way it really happened, and the way it really went down and the impact of trauma. Unfortunately, some of his dialogue during our interview with him became so graphic that we had no other choice but to edit it out. Any attempt to include the graphic depictions of his experiences would have resulted in The Hustlers Corner New York City violating the code of ethics put forth by the YouTube Community. However, this series of interviews with Decaress Smith is necessary in order to address the question of how do you spell success?

The systematic social engineering of American subculture, depression, and urban blight has resulted in the criminal stereotyping of African Americans. This is the reason why so many people look down upon black people in America thinking that their sole purpose is to commit some sort of criminal activity. However, the acts that Mr. Smith did come from the result of that social and systematic engineering by the United States. It forced him to make choices detrimental to his future by choosing to live a life of crime in order to survive.

This social engineering is highlighted in another post called The Differential Association Theory and Domestic Genocide. based on the book with the same name. The historical references are laid out in a timeline of policies, institutions, and local initiatives put forth to deliberately depress the black community. Living through burglary, armed robbery, drug dealing, prostitution, and other poverty problems Decaress Smith felt that this was necessary for him to survive.

His system of burglary was highly sophisticated, not the normal run-of-the-mill breaking and entering. A carefully constructed series of steps that lead to him entering one house after another while the residents were not home. Over 900 burglaries were his total which spanned about 10 years. Amazingly he only went to jail for about 4 weeks for just one of those burglaries. While in prison he found himself subjected to an underbelly of subhuman existence.

However, it was not only Mr. Smith’s Behavior which gave rise to a subculture in the African American community of kleptomaniacs. It was also a two-edged sword that revealed the massive amount of corruption in the American criminal justice system. 

*This article on Decaress Smith was courtesy of  Perry L Duff (Host of The Hustlers Corner NYC) 


Perry L. Duff

Perry L. Duff is a filmmaker, blogger, Youtuber, and budding animator. BRIC Media Arts certified, and highly knowledgeable in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Blender, a well known open source, high production animation software program. He is also highly knowledgeable in SEO (search engine optimization) internet marketing, content creation, content network building, analytics, and Social network marketing.

Born in Bristol Virginia yet growing up on the mean streets of New York City, he wears many hats from his ongoing knowledge and continuous study and research on the internet. Braving the tough streets of New York City when he was younger, he experienced the true meaning of crime, racism, and drugs even though he was never addicted to them beyond weed in the 80s.

He was born to a family of six brothers and two sisters in Bristol Virginia also known as NASCAR territory. A racially polarizing section of southern Virginia bordering Tennessee and a hot bed of racial hostility. Though he attempted to acquire his college education here in New York City he found himself adhering to a simple code of hard work for most of his life.

But it was his lack of Education that became his greatest barrier to acquiring a more successful lifestyle. That lack of Education was exacerbated only by his attempt to acquire an education while working on jobs Rife with racial hostility, Workforce opposition, office politics, and even opposition of intense jealousy from his own race.

But thanks to the development of computers and the internet in the 80s he vastly improved his knowledge in various areas of online marketing and other entrepreneurial endeavors. As a result. he remedied that lack of education by study and research on the internet that continues today.

Perry is the Host of The Hustlers Corner NYC Podcast (with his amazing Co-Host Jeannette Davis), they have interviewed men and women who are and were incarcerated and finding positive solutions to the problems in the communities! The topics are (but not limited to) how to live a successful life after incarceration, being the “voice” of “the voiceless” and everyday life events!

FOLLOW PERRY ON IG @thehustlerscornernyc





Jose Villarreal is a Chicano Revolutionary Nationalist and founder of The Republic of Aztlan. He is a member and Journalist for Poor Magazine. He is an author of AZTLAN REALISM: Chicano Revolutionary Art From Pelican Bay S.H.U. and Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlan. Jose is a Radio Host for Free Aztlan Tuesdays at 8pm Cali time on 

Jose had done some prison time in California, but while he was in prison his passion for art furthered emerged and his drawing skills continued to develop. He also studied deeply the topics of world politics and many different forms of communication via art, verbal and written.  He was released in 2017 on parole after 16 years in prison. 10 of the years were spent in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay State Prison S.H.U. He took a negative situation and made a positive one by continuing to follow his dreams with art. Upon his release he published his first book (AZTLAN REALISM: Chicano Revolutionary Art From Pelican Bay S.H.U.) Jose’s book is a compilation of his drawings as a record of his S.H.U. experiences.

FOLLOW JOSE ON IG @villarreal6185






Chef Nedra Harris is a firecracker with skills, she has taken the culinary arts world to new heights. A lifetime food lover and connoisseur of spices, Chef Nedra established her passion for food at a very early age with an easy bake oven and a dream. Chef’s inspiration comes from a familiar foundation: her mother’s kitchen. A deliverer of sweet satisfaction, chef’s food is a pure representation of her: Flavorful, Unique and Bold. Chef Nedra entered into the world-renowned Chef Nedra entered into the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School of Chicago where she studied under master chefs preparing food for hundreds of guests at a time. While studying at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Nedra had the opportunity to meet the famous Chef Wolfgang Puck through her volunteering and commitment to philanthropic efforts. In 2013, Chef Nedra became a competitor in Season 11 of Hell’s Kitchen, learning under the famous Chef Gordon Ramsey, where she began learning and expanding on different techniques and cooking styles. Mostly known for her outgoing and often fierce personality, she became an overnight sensation. Chef Nedra is the personal chef for Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver, Brandon LaFell and Indianapolis Colts Tight End, Eric Ebron. Chef has cooked for celebrities such as Pope Francis, Houston Rockets Chris Paul, Singer Mya, Carl Anthony Payne II, Anthony Clement (former OT, Arizona Cardinals and Seyi Aijrotutu (WR, Philadelphia Eagles) and Grammy Award Winner, Irvin Mayfield. Passionate about sharing her love for food, Chef Nedra has been focused on expanding her brand through her line of spice, “Pootie Spice”, cook books, and being a personal Chef to celebrities and influential leaders across the nation.

Chef Nedra makes some to die for some Vegan Banana Foster Pancakes!!  Check it out on her YouTube channel!! And the Fall Cocktail Fall Back on the Rocks is off the chain!!! It’s a drink to enjoy when you are chillen’ at home watching her cooking videos!! And If you are planning an event make sure you hire Chef Nedra Harris!!!!  WWW.CHEFNEDRAHARRIS.COM





Geechie Dan grew up in Hollis, Queens in the early 80s around Hip-Hop Icons Run DMC and LL Cool J motivated Geechie Dan to begin collecting audio recordings of Hip-Hop parties and park jams that took place throughout the NYC Tri-State area. In 1983, he started emceeing. He also joined (and remains a member of) NY based Hip- Hop Organization ZULUNATION.

In 1984, a rap confrontation with Hip-Hop Legend LL Cool J led them to a battle. Days later he took his first loss in an MC battle. He joined Long Island based Hip-Hop Radio Crew Spectrum City WBAU college radio at Adelphia University in 1984-consisting of Bomb Squad Producers, Hank and Keith Shocklee, Chucky D (now known as Chuck D from Hip Hop group Public Enemy), and MC DJ Flavor(AKA today as Flavor Flav), Bill Stephany(AKA Mr Bill), DOCTOR DRE from YO MTV RAPS, Son of Berserk, DJ Johnnie Juice, JVC Force, Townhouse 3, Nasty 4, Deadly 3, Mighty Choice 5 MCs, Original Concept. Dynamic Brothers from Freeport.

He received a record contract from independent record label Public Records in 1986 for the song “Let’s Dance” after being referred to the label by Hip Hop Queens Park Jam legend MC Mikey D, However, he declined the opportunity due to the involvement with Jehovah Witnesses. His mother and the organization were adamant that he not pursue his dream of a career in rap music.

In 1990, he won a rap contest that was put together by New Orleans based Black Cat Productions which resulted to winning a trophy and $500.00 and an opportunity to record a rap for a New Orleans R&B singing group at Paisley Park Studios, MN-the recording home for Pop Superstar Prince.

In 2008, Geechie Dan wrote and published the book “The Kingdom Hall No More” in which he discusses his 16 year involvement in the Kingdom Hall and Jehovah Witnesses  .His 1st season of “The Geechie Dan Hip-Hop Tape” show in 2015 on the Hilltop Radio format on blog talk radio with DJ Shawn. He started his 2nd season in 2016 on the FLOempire Radio in NYC in April 2016 with DJ Kool K Gee. His 3rd season started in 2017 on DSN Network in the Bronx with DJ Kid Flash. Season 4 began in 2018 on DSN Network in the Bronx and Linkage Radio 101.7 FM in NYC DJ Scratch Masta Jazzy G. In 2019 they launched Hip Hop ICON Music channel.

Geechie Dan is the CEO &FOUNDER of Geechie Dan Hip Hop Tape Show. He is the Executive Director of Partnerships & Content for Flitv. He is the Executive Director of the Hip Hop Museum DC. Geechie Dan is the Brand Ambassador of Generation Hip Hop Global and Brand Ambassador for Whip Fanatic.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Geechie Dan and am looking forward to interviews that are planned for the future! This man is beyond amazing with all he did and is doing!! Make sure you follow Geechie Dan on all social media!!

FACEBOOK Geechie DanIG @geechiedanhollis

TWITTER geechie_nyc




BOSSALENA is a recording artist, Certified Engineer & entrepreneur. She was raised in Compton, California but now resides and kicking up dust in San Antonio, Texas for the past couple years. She is a very passionate and explosive performer with accurate and precise delivery. Sharpened over years of dedication and love for the craft of music.

With her do it yourself mind set she embodies her name BOSSALENA by being a leader having control and ownership over all aspects of her business, music and life. Overcoming roadblock’s set in her path with ease and confidence that inspires other female and male artists to never give up building their empire and going hard for their dreams. While still in the process of building her independent team 

BOSSALENA continues to push forward with new music projects and business ventures. Greedy Girl Ent (Bossalena’s Entertainment Company) will have official launch 2020 along with Podcast.  She is partnered with CREEPY GALLERY MEDIA GROUP who’s creating a comic book series with Bossalena as lead Character entitled BOSSALENA-LEGEND Ep.1 coming Summer 2021! So stay tuned and please show support by purchasing official Bossalena product’s & physical copies of music exclusively at BOSSALENASTORE.COM






Jay Rene, born and raised in Wilmington, DE, is a humanitarian, community advocate, new abolitionist, freelance journalist and videographer and Hip-Hop lover. She and Dana Dane created Hip Hop Humanism in 2017, which has been created to showcase and promote positive Hip Hop artistry on different platforms, as well as talking about the social and political issues that plague the Hip Hop community.  

One of the biggest parts of this organization is creating spaces for children who are at risk because of living in high risks environments. These high risks include abuse, neglect, and violence. So far, Hip Hop Humanism has created two children programs which is part of the “A Kids Way Out” initiative.  

Recently Jay Rene has begun investigative reporting.  She has successful published the first released of an investigative reporting documentary series titled: 12.  This series is designed to shed light on the injustices of the police and judicial system in cities across America.  Wilmington Delaware was the first city to be filmed.

She was a featured slot on WMSKONLINERADIO.COM for over a year, which only paused because of the COVID-19 epidemic but hopes to get back to it soon. She currently has published over 50 articles and writings from Hip Hop to social and political injustice. 

When asked about Hip Hop Humanism, she says, “The reason that Hip Hop Humanism was created was to give back to the community, in whatever way that was. It was made to showcase the positive that Hip Hop has and what it contributes to the greater good. Hip Hop has not only united people from all walks of life, it also always cared about those it was speaking to. I remember a time where I felt that the rappers, I listened to cared about me. They talked to me, they taught me things that were tangible to life. Hip Hop loved me before I even knew I loved Hip Hop”

“Tek from Smif – N – Wesson left some very valuable words in my mind when I got to interview him in 2018. He said, “Hip Hop is in the hood”. That sat with me so heavy that it is my tag line when I end certain videos and when I was on the radio. Real Hip Hop is in the hood, it gives back to the hood…it is an action word not just words over a beat.

Currently Jay Rene is active in the fight for justice in her home city and state. Wilmington, DE. “The things that have happened here in this city are absolutely outrageous. The police brutality, the murders of unarmed men by police that go unpunished, the staging of crime scenes…it is all too much. These are the things that made me get into video journalism.  I had to put all these things in one place so people outside of the city could see”, Jay Rene says about getting into video journalism. She hopes to visit each state and do this type of reporting. The name of her documentary series is called 12. The first one is called: 12: The First State and can be found on YouTube at:

She goes on to say, “If we work together we can get things accomplished. It doesn’t matter what your part is, no part is too small. You have some that can march the streets, you have some that are good with researching, you have some that know how to share on social media and others who just know how to get news out the good old fashion way, “word of mouth”. What ever our part is, we have to do it. We owe it to these children to fix what we know is broken. Then that way we pass the torch we’ve carried, and not pass the damage of the fire from dropping the torch”.

Jay Rene is a beautiful, amazing and powerful woman who is “The Voice of The Voiceless”! I had the honors of interviewing her on my radio show TRIPLE P RADIO (WMSKONLINERADIO.COM) where she talked about how important strong support is when a loved one is incarcerated. She is veteran and I want to thank her again for her service!!!

You can link with Jay Rene on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at: TheJayRene

Feel free to email your music, ideas and causes to:

Jay Rene invites you to make a profile on her website where you can share your music, stories and inspirations:


Kwame Teague

 Kwame Teague, author of the Dutch Trilogy has just hit another milestone with the release of Dutch The Movie which is set for the end of this year. Kwame has been incarcerated for 27 years, fighting to prove his innocence the whole time. Despite the injustice, Kwame is a living example of doing the time and not letting the time do him. He is a positive role model for the men that are incarcerated with him. He has also been an activist fighting the system from within by establishing humanism as a religion within NC and starting a creative writing class. 

Kwame is also on the board of Hip Hop Humanism. An organization that builds programs for children in need using Asset Based Community Development which creates grassroots programs that mentor, cultivate and support our youth. They also have humanitarian efforts in Africa and have Hip Hop Humanism Kenya, Nairobi and Nigeria to assist in the dire need of food, medical supplies and sanitary products and getting exposure to the conditions and injustices there.

 Kwame is also on the board of Barred Business, a pending CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) that raises money for the businesses of the formerly incarcerated and justice impacted communities. It is the only organization of its kind that is helping the formerly incarcerated become entrepreneurs. Kwame is also on the board of the Prison Lives Matter – National Coordinating Committee the brain child of Kwame Shakur to bring all of the prison organizations and political leaders together to fight for liberation and freedom for the incarcerated nation. 

Here are the books Kwame has written: Dutch Trilogy, Dynasty Trilogy, The Adventures of Ghetto Sam, Glory of My Demise, Poor Georgie, Thug Politics, Verdict, and Humanism Versus Racism: Ten Steps to Eradication.

Kwame Teague had an interview on TRIPLE P RADIO (WMSKONLINERADIO.COM) in 2020. His fiancée Jay Rene, was his “voice” in the interview! The interview is about how Kwame is innocent and has been in prison for 27 years for a crime he did NOT comment!!! Jay Rene and I also talk about how strong support is important when a loved one is incarcerated! Even though Kwame is incarcerated he took a negative situation and made a positive one by writing books, being a positive role model for the men “behind the walls” and in “the world”. He is the “Voice of the Voiceless”!!

The Dutch Movie, based on the best seller will premiere soon. 

Link with Kwame at @dutchwrites on Instagram or at



Justin Marrero


Justin Marrero (JMBeats) is a Music Producer/ Studio Engineer out of New Jeresy. He is the dopest producer for my artist C.I.T.Y! JMBeats produced the dope beats for C.I.T.Y’S singles “NINO”, “SCARS”, “ALL IN”, “CHECK” , “KILL EM ALL” AND “MEMORIES & PICTURES”(Release date 11/27/20). His ultimate goal is being successful in the music industry. Which includes but not limited to… his team being healthy, finding new talent, and working on new sounds.

Justin is working with artists around the world and working with other Producers. C.I.T.Y and JMBeats go way back with the mad support he gave C.I.T.Y on social media and promoting his music! He also works with JUNG PHIL, UNCLE MURDA, LIVE300IT, TY-GEE, AYE KEANU and many more….

His name is JMBeats and he is here to stay, music is his life and he is living his life to the fullest!!  Long nights & nothing but hard work always! Nonstop knowledge of the music industry. He is master and a student in this, he knows what he knows and always open minded to other people’s knowledge as well as their opinions! 

IG: @jmbeats128
FB: Justin Marrero

FOLLOW C.I.T.Y ON IG @c.i.t.y_216




Rhyno Lui


Ryan Millner, better known as his stage name Rhyno Lui or just Rhyno, born January 5th,1989 is an East Coast rapper and songwriter. He was born in Virginia and raised in New York where he found his passion in music. Growing up struggling and homeless with his mother and 2 sisters is when Rhyno knew music was his outlet to express his feelings and cope with all he had endured up until his mother’s death. Rhyno was 13 years old when she died. He then moved with his father and 2 sisters but still struggled to fight his own demons after the loss of his mother. Rhyno turned to gang banging at a young age and the streets as his way to cope and get through his teen years of also losing his best friend and some of his family.

As time progressed Rhyno continued to act out and had be suspended from numerous schools when he was finally expelled in the 9th grade. He decided school wasn’t for him. He has escaped so many obstacles from his best friend getting killed by the police to his cousin getting arrested for armed robbery which are situations he by fate wasn’t apart of those particular moments.

Rhyno decided to change his life for the better by leaving the drug game and the streets alone because of so many losses to starting different companies which he is still working today without a high school diploma. When he is not working on his businesses he is always in the studio doing what he does best which is making music.

Rhyno recently released on November 13th,2020 his single “She Got It” which is the jump start of his career. Jung Phil and I co manage him (JPMusic Entertainment Inc) and are working on many different projects with Rhyno. He got mad talent and make sure you tune in to TRIPLE P RADIO Sundays from 2p-4p EST to hear his music “She Got It”!






 Victoria Millner 



Shawn Summer “Jung Phil”

Shawn Anthony Summers, better known by his stage name Jung Phil, is an American recording artist, songwriter, Producer, and CEO of his own record label, JP Music Entertainment Inc.  Jung Phil was born on June 27, 1986 in Mount Holly, NJ.  The middle child of three sons, Shawn spent most of his childhood living in Orlando, FL with his grandparents.  At an early age Shawn felt a deep connection to music.  His family encouraged his musical gift, getting him involved in the local church choir and various school talent shows.  When he was 10 years old, his mother gave him a boombox.  Jung Phil would have tapes of all his favorite rappers and rift over their instrumentals.  This was the turning point for Shawn; he knew exactly what he was called to do.  Battling and freestyling in school gave Shawn a reputation amongst his peers which earned him the nickname “Young Philly.”  As his talents progressed and his music matured, Shawn became known as Jung Phil; A play on his hometown and his rhymes deep, philosophical meanings paralleling those of Carl Jung.

Jung Phil is now a notable hip hop artist, Producer, and songwriter across the globe.  He is the current CEO and founder of JPMusic Entertainment Inc.  Jung Phil has released 4 albums, 3 mixtapes and over 20 singles since 2014.  He has charted with over a half million radio streams in the United States.  Currently Jung Phil’s music is spinning on his own station on Pandora.  His music is also streamed on Dababy, Lil Baby, Kodak Black, Drake, Kevin Gates, and Rick Ross’ radio stations, just to name a few.  Jung Phil has a unique talent as a music artist and songwriter. By having his own recording studio, Phil has the advantage of creating and perfecting an immense catalogue of diverse music for himself, his clients and other artists signed to his label. His mission is to create amazing content for his fans using his own real life experiences to move others and relate to them on a deep level.

I am excited to be apart of JPMusic Entertainment Inc.!! Shawn and I co manage C.I.T.Y and RHYNO LUI both from the East Coast!  We are working on upcoming events and a documentary. Check out JPM LIVE TALK for these amazing interviews with artists from East coast, West Coast, Midwest and The South!! Tune in Sundays to TRIPLE P RADIO from 2p-4p EST ON WMSKONLINERADIO.COM  and listen to one of my favorites songs “PLEASE LORD” BY JUNG PHIL FT C.I.T.Y !!       FOLLOW JUNG PHIL ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA……

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Jeannette Davis

Screenwriter, Podcast Co-Host, Administrator

 In 2009, Jeannette Davis started her career as an actress, worked in independent films and accepted background roles in television shows such as, “Law and Order” and Without a Trace”.  During her time as an actress, Jeannette Davis has developed an interest in creating her writing technique in films.  Jeannette Davis has written a few series, “Essence Beauty Salon”, ‘Harlem: Black Rivals, ‘Queens from Urban: Street Style’ and two screen plays, ‘Street Cops’ and ‘Tacks’.  These Programs will be in production in 2021.

In 2016, Jeannette Davis joined Perry L. Duff, (CEO of Mocapcity Production Film), as a writer; now, a co-host on a podcast called “The Hustlers Corner NYC” in New York City.  The podcast reaches out to people who are incarcerated for wrongfully convicted.  Jeannette Davis strongly helps people who are incarcerated because there are many men and women in prisons or on death row for crimes, he/she didn’t commit.  “The Hustlers Corner NYC” discussed how the justice system failed the men and women in prisons, and the system uses the money to build private Prisons.

Recently Jeannette joined Harold Pete Johnson and Gerald Prince Miller to develop a program ‘Bring Them to Me from Beyond the Walls of Prisons’ as their supporter, administrator and voice.  The purpose of his program is to save and help the youths from street gangs, gun violence, and encourage them to change their lives as lead models.

Jeannette Davis, Gerald Prince Miller, and Harold Pete Johnson hope the program reaches many youths in every community to give them a positive impact on becoming their role models.  ‘Bring Them to Me from Beyond The Walls Of Prisons’ event begins on Saturday November 21, 2020 at Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

Jeannette is an amazing woman with a heart of gold! She is the “VOICE OF THE VOICELESS”! I am honored to be working with her and her team to bring Mr. Gerald Prince Miller home!! Tune in to ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ Saturday November 14th, 2020 at 1pm EST and listen to Real Talk with Host Perry L. Duff Co-Host Jeanette Davis and Guests Harold Pete Johnson and myself (Sara F. Host of Triple P Radio).




Jovan Hansman CITY FACES

Jovan Hansman is a positive role model for the youth in St. Louis. He is the director of CITY FACES. His father Bob Hansman started the CITY FACES as an art program for the children in the community. CITY FACES started as an arts activity for St. Louis children and now includes helping them with their homework and other classes that will help them be productive in life!

Jovan is an amazing artist! He paints portraits of people, artists and even pets!!! I love the artwork of Bone Thugs N Harmony he did!!! Jovan and father did the illustrations in “Traveling The Blue Road Poems Of The Sea”. It was voted “Best Children’s Book” of the Year!! With each book you order you get a free autographed poster!!! Go on amazon and get your copy today!!

Jovan works with Wyte Music/WyteMusicMidWest and HHMG, Crunchy Black’s (from THREE 6 MAFIA) Label. He also works with many other artists. One of my favorite songs Jovan produced “WORK” (Artists: La Chat, Sheena Trash, Smoke Corleone) you can hear it on my radio show TRIPLE P RADIO, Sundays from 2p-4p EST on WMSKONLINERADIO.COM. I had the pleasure of meeting Jovan in East St.Louis, at DA SUMMER COMEBACK CONCERT in August.

Jovan is the CEO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of CITY FACES ENTERTAINMENT PEABODY PROJECT RECORDZ. Covering all your independent rap needs: Studio Services, Beat Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering Networking, Streaming Services, Artists Promotion,  Design, and Booking & Management.  You can also watch powerful interviews about Jovan and his father on YouTube. One of my favorite is Inspire St.Louis, Episode 2: Jovan Hansman  

Contact Jovan if you are interested in getting a portrait done. Email him at .Follow him on IG @JOVAN7828



A Musician. Motivator. Alumni of the Criminal Justice System

Maxwell Melvins is a product of one of the most brutal cities in the United States. Growing up the 15th and youngest of a large, by his own admission, dysfunctional family, Camden, New Jersey, was not a good place to be in the 1970s. Poverty, unemployment, drugs and violence were the realities of life on the streets in this desperately struggling, slowly decaying city.

It might come as a shock to learn that Maxwell was a self-confessed heroin addict by the time he was 12 years old. Anyone living around the streets of North Camden in the 1970’s will not be surprised at all. Kids like that were a dime a dozen. It was simply normal to the young Melvins – most of the people around him had already been doomed to a life of addiction, and it was almost inevitable that his path would lead that way too.

Drug dependency leads to a dead-end of despair, and Max’s journey was depressingly predictable. In and out of institution after institution as his criminal acts escalated. Breaking and entering, theft, arson…Max Melvins did whatever he had to do to feed his addition. He wasn’t violent – although he would stand his ground if the situation called for it. He didn’t see himself as a victim either– this was the only life he knew. This is how things were. No point questioning it.

Eight years after becoming a heroin addict, Maxwell’s wretched existence hit rock bottom when he was jailed for murder in 1980. It was not an intentional act. It was that most mundane of circumstances: a drug deal went wrong, Max grabbed a gun and started shooting. One of the bullets hit a close childhood friend, ripped through his brain. An innocent bystander. Wrong place, wrong time.

In a scene of dark comedy, Max donned women’s clothing to elude the police. He got away, trying to digest the horror of the fact that he has gunned down one of his best friends growing up. He knew he had to come home and face what he had done. He turned himself in.  The authorities disposed of him like the worthless trash he had become. They put Max away, and he’d stay inside for 30 years.

If they had the death penalty in New Jersey, Maxwell Melvins almost certainly wouldn’t be here right now. Rahway. Trenton. Riverfront. Southwood. Bayside. Northern State. Bordentown. All high security prisons. Convicted murderer Maxwell Melvins became intimately acquainted with all of them. Each presented its own grim catalogue of horror stories. Survival became Melvins’ mantra. One day at a time. Same routine, different prison, ever-present threat of danger. A physical or emotional wrecking ball could come from anywhere, at any time. Same shit. Different day. Every day.

But Maxwell Melvins didn’t rot in jail. He changed. He grew up. He got clean. And he began to channel his energies to positive ends. Max joined Lifer’s Group, an organization founded in 1972 primarily for the support of long-term inmates. One of their outreach programs had also attracted international attention with the Scared Straight documentary, which sought to try and steer young offenders away from a life of crime by terrifying the crap out of them.

Here, Melvins found the niche that would define his life inside. In the early 1990’s he developed a new Lifer’s Group project, utilizing his passion for music. Under his guidance, from inside the walls of Rahway, Melvins produced two rap albums under the name of Lifer’s Group. The rappers and many of the musicians were fellow inmates. The aim was to reach out to kids, in a manner in which they would understand, that prison, and a life of crime, was a one-way ticket to nowhere. Every artist who signed up for the project had to agree to this fundamental purpose. This was no ego trip. This was music with a message, rap-style.

It is impossible to quantify how many young lives changed direction through the tough love dispensed by the rappers’ efforts. But it wasn’t just inspirational rap with a point to make. It was high quality music – and it was being made within the walls of a maximum-security jail. This was a story. Now the world’s media was beating a path to Rahway’s door, wanting to know more. And it was not just messed up young kids who were hearing the message.

The Lifer’s Group rappers were attracting attention from the music business too. And in April 1992, a letter arrived in Max’s cell informing him that they were nominated for a Grammy, in a category alongside Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel, Madonna and Sinead O’Connor. Four of the biggest selling artists of the decade, alongside a bunch of convicts. A storyline Hollywood would surely have turned down flat.

Max has his invite, but he had to decline – the State of New Jersey had other plans for him that night. So on the evening of the awards, the media came to him. News crews set up outside the jail, while Barbara Walters and the 20/20 team filmed Max and his crew inside. The rappers did not win – Madonna beat them to the prize – but they still made history. No prisoners had ever been nominated for a Grammy. And probably never will again. Max was the driving force behind one of the most extraordinary tales in modern music history.

The project over, Max’s life returned to the mundane. He became eligible for parole. He said he Was not ready. Not a unique response, but still very unusual. Max had developed self-awareness and self-confidence over the decades. He knew he still had changes to make to his lifestyle. Everything had to be right.

When his time did come, he presented his case to the parole board with honesty and clarity. They Did not like what they heard. They wanted more groveling and scraping, more handwringing and tears of remorse. Max gave them the truth, straight down the line. About his crime, about himself, and why he was finally ready to take the next step in his life.

Instead of granting him parole, the hearing board elected to tack another 10 years onto his original sentence. Melvins understood at a deep level this was both wrong and unfair, and in another unprecedented move, he took the State of New Jersey to court over the issue. And he won his case. Maxwell Melvins earned his parole.

Now free and living quietly in a New Jersey suburb, Melvins has still found life dealing him hard blows. Rear-ended in a car crash, he was in a bad way physically for some time. But now mentally tough and assured, there is no drifting back. He has focus now. He knows what he is trying to do. He’s got a mission to inform and explain. His message is clear. He wants young people to understand the dangers of a life of drugs, guns and crime. And to take another path. Prison is not cool, exciting or glamorous. It is tedious, repetitive, violent and potentially lethal. It’s an option with no positives.

Maxwell Melvins is still in contact with the family of the young man he shot and killed during that drug-induced evening of madness. They have known him since he was a child. They know it was unintentional. They have forgiven him. They share a bond that in some way, the victim is still living on through the life of his utterly transformed assailant.

But forgiveness is a luxury Maxwell Melvins denies himself. A pioneer in many ways; a successful executive producer of rap music with his own office inside one of the toughest jails in America; an advocate for helping young people make the right choices in their lives; a former inmate who understands the needs of long-term prisoners from the perspective of someone who has spent much of his adult life behind bars. Nobody has a story quite like it.

The Maxwell Melvins of today is in many ways an inspiration. But he will not accept praise. He refuses to be called a role model. He is not a hero. He is not inspirational. He thinks of the young man he killed back in July 1980, one of his closest childhood friends, every day of his life. And no matter how much he has developed and matured as a man, he will never forgive himself for what he did. Even now, that’s still a step too far. It always will be.

The information was sent to me by Maxwell Melvins himself! It is in his own words about his life from the start, in prison, his music and after his release. I had the honors of speaking to him and setting up an interview for him to be on TRIPLE P RADIO. It was such a pleasure to talk to him and looking forward to the interview! He is the founder of HIP HOP GROUP, THE LIFERS GROUP. He is a community activist and speaker.  “LIFERS GROUP” is an album you must check out!! It has powerful and positive lyrics!! “Emotional Violence”, “Cutt’ Em Up” and “Belly Of The Beast” is a few on the album that lyrics are deep!! They keep it 100 on the album!!!!

Follow Maxwell on IG @melvins782



Shawn Gardner #291-181/175073 has been incarcerated for 18 years, he has life in Maryland for murder and life in federal court for drug trafficking and the same for murder in state court. He is currently serving time at a state prison in Maryland. I have interviewed Shawn on TRIPLE P RADIO (WMSKONLINERADIO.COM) which promotes all positive men and women have done and are doing while incarcerated. Shawn’s interview is a powerful one! He tells us in his own words his day from behind the walls and what he does to stay positive and motivated!!  He has a strong bound with his 2 daughters and mother. He never gave up the fight for a “second chance at life”. Shawn is a positive role model for the men in prison.

Shawn started BEHIND THE WALL MENTORS in 2008 while incarcerated. A group of positive men also in prison with him are a part of BTWM and mentor the men to stay on a positive path and help them fight for their freedom! They also mentor the youth on “the outside” to keep them from coming to prison.

He has a plan for when he gets out on helping the youth not go down the same path he did. He is an author and wrote motivating books for the youth. He has completed numerous programs while in prison. He helps the men with their legal work and is part of the bible classes that meet on Sundays. Visit WWW.AUTHORSHAWNGARDNER.NET

Make sure you get your copy of STATE VS US MAGAZINE where you can read about BEHIND THE WALL MENTORS NEWLETTER!! STATEVSUSMAG.COM


Tia Hamilton

Tia Hamilton is the true definition of “BOSS LADY”!! She is from the East Coast and the VOICE for the incarcerated! Tia is the owner of STATE VS US MAGAZINE which has interviews about incarcerated men and women doing state and federal time. She has artists and their music featured in the magazine along with authors and men and women who did time and now are out living positive lives and sharing with us about their life in prison and their life now!! Tia is an amazing woman and the “voice for the voiceless”! She is active in the community and in the fight for justice!! Order your copy today at STATEVSUSMAG.COM *They ship to prisons*

Tia is the owner of WMSKONLINERADIO.COM, which my radio show TRIPLE P RADIO is on SUNDAYS 2P-4P EST. I was honored to have had the opportunity to have my show on her station!! Tia is such a positive,  beautiful soul!!! We got connected from a good friend of ours who is incarcerated! April and I were on the phone and she told me that she wanted me to connect with Tia, and the phone call was made and the rest is history!! Shouts out to April Barber incarcerated in North Carolina who did an interview in ISSUE 1 in STATE VS US MAGAZINE! April was also my first “behind the wall” prison interview on TRIPLE P RADIO!  Tia and I have been working together to get the incarcerated men and women a chance to get their story told in their own voice!! We will continue to be their voice threw radio interviews, magazine interviews and their media!!

She also opened a bookstore in Maryland, Urban Reads Bookstore located at 3008 Greenmount Ave. Baltimore, MD. 21218 for incarcerated authors to get a chance to let the world read their books!! She has authors books who have been incarcerated in her store also. She continues in so many ways to let the world see that incarcerated men and women take negative situations and make positive ones!!  Stop in and show support!! or visit OURURBANREADS.COM. You can also pick up your copy of STATE VS US MAGAZINE or order online!

Mad shouts out to you my sis!!! Love you and all you do!!!! Follow Tia on IG @mz_konnoisseur @statevsus @wmskonlineradio @urbanreadsbookstore

Get your Pre-Order your copy of STATE VS US MAGAZINE ISSUE 5 NOW!!! Coming Dec 2020!!! My artists C.I.T.Y and UNCLE BEATS are featured in ISSUE 5!!! IG @c.i.t.y_216 @unclebeats

Nate Frazier

Nate Frazier is a radio host out of Detroit, MI he also is active in the community and also is the “voice for the voiceless”. I met him at The Wrongful Convictions Summit 2019 in Ann Arbor ,MI. We are going to be working together with upcoming interviews. He is a positive role model and a great man! 

Nate had a few words he wanted to share with everyone……

Hello family and friends of Heart to Hearts! We are so excited for all the great things that have been taking place in our community. We have joined together to fight against injustices and that has been amazing to witness.

Heart to Hearts counts it an honor to bring the latest news topics to you all. We believe it is important for the community to get all the information that we present. This is in part why I am reaching out to you all. 

We have expanded our reach in order to spread more awareness to more people. We wanted to ask you all to stand with us as partners of Heart to Hearts. We are asking you to be a $100, $250, or $500 partner. 

We will offer advertising on our networks and as we often do, call folks in for pressing interviews. While we are grateful for all those who’ve supported us, we want to continue to be a beacon of information in the community. Will you please help us? Can we count on you? If so, please contact Nate Frazier by email. Thank you in advance for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you! Please email him at Follow him on IG @natefrazier7723 @hearttoheartsradio


Starting November 13th, 2020 every Friday at 9pm EST join Nate on WCHB AM1340 DETROIT’S GOSPEL STATION HEART TO HEARTS for the people with Nate Frazier



Triple P Radio wants to introduce C.I.T.Y to the world…….

His name is Jermaine Finch known as C.I.T.Y which is abbreviated for (Cleveland Is Tha Y’ILDEST) being from Ohio knowing how Y’ILD his city is how he came up with the meaning for his name, not to mention the spells wild with a Y. He is the youngest of three boys and three sisters who he loves dearly. Growing up, his father was hardly around so that left his mother to play the role of a father and maintain her womanhood at the same time. The only male figures he had were his brothers, they never wanted him in the streets. By the age of 11 years old, he realized he had a passion for doing music, and ever since then he has been writing and recording every chance that he got. Didn’t matter closets, living rooms, basements, standing up or sitting down didn’t matter hit the record button and he was going in lol Growing up in Cleveland Ohio was a struggle by itself ……

 Every block you ride down literally was boarded up from either raids or just being unattended which eventually turn into trap houses/bandos . He was a product of “his environment” at an early age with no guidance which led him to get into trouble. Before being sentenced to two years in Cuyahoga hills juvenile correctional facility and downhill it went from there. The day before he was released his social worker called him into her office to tell him he had to move to New Jersey because that’s where his legal guardian had moved to. Once he landed in N.J. everything looked so foreign being as though all he knew was Cleveland.. He was picked up and brought to a small town where his journey continued.

 “Everything I was doing in Cleveland I went to N.J. doing but 10x worse C.IT.Y told me. That was the past this is the present. C.I.T.Y is an amazing father and a positive role model for his children. And now he is just focused on building up his business CITY216MUSIC LLC and staying in the studio making sure he has as much material as he possibly to can to keep his fans wanting more! I became Jermaine’s (C.I.T.Y) manager this summer and our team is amazing!! His producer JMBEATS is dope with mad talent. We are so happy to have Jung Phil (who is also C.I.T.Y’S manager) part of our team!! Our goal is to keep dropping music for all his fans!!! His music is available on all major platforms!! C.I.T.Y is exactly what Triple P Radio promotes…… Negative situations turned positive! Tune in Sundays from 2p-4p EST on WMSKONLINERADIO.COM where you can hear C.I.T.Y’S music along with other dope artists! Make sure you visit WWW.CITY216MUSIC.COM

Follow C.I.T.Y on all social media IG @c.i.t.y_216

Survivors Speak

Writer: Sara F. CCNM Investigative Reporter

Trische’ Duckworth is a social worker, who works as a community activist and social justice advocate. Since graduating from the University of Southern California (Dec. 2014), with her Master of Social Work Degree. She has been active, mobilizing people together and helping individuals find empowerment within themselves and their surrounding communities.

She believes that true healing comes from within, and, also, within our ability to put a voice to our pain/passion. This passion grew into the birth of the Nonprofit, Survivors Speak. Trische’ and her team work to bring a voice to taboo topics, as well as social injustices, through the arts, community conversations, and other creative avenues. 

I had the honors of meeting Trische’ in 2019 at the Wrongly Conviction Summit in Ann Arbor MI. She is such an Amazing woman and a great friend with a heart of gold!!! She, myself and Gloria Jackson (mother to Dameko and Dennis Vesey) are in the fight to bring The Vesey brothers home! They have been fighting for their freedom for the last 17 years!!! They are two innocent brothers who are sitting in prison for a crime they DID NOT commit!!! Trische’ has fought on the front line for them along with other wrongly convicted cases in Michigan!!

Trische’ also is a singer with a powerful voice!!!! One of my favorite songs is “GOD is good” along with “Days of Solace”, “Evication Notice”, and “Let it go”.

You can contact her on social media and see how you can get involved!!! Follow her on IG @survivors_speak

                                        FB survivors speak


Leland Jones (Uncle Beats) is a Chicago rapper. He is also a manager, music producer and promoter. Leland was born on the southside of Chitown in the Englewood area. He founded Low Down Productions in 1996 and later the Gwop Gettas  promo team.

He is VP of Hard Hitting Money Gang. He released 5 studio albums “Down and Dirty”,”Life of Leland”, ”Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork” “Relationship Advice” and “ Land of Leland” “Rayne “ which is on “Land of Leland” is one of my favorites especially the part “I live the life that I love, I love the life that I live”.

He is business partners with Crunchy Black from Three 6 Mafia. He beat a fed case and in the interview he did with Triple P Radio (Sundays from 2p-4P EST on WMSKONLINERADIO.COM), we talk about how it was during the time of court dates and how he was in county listening to guys talk about how they are doing time and the time they did.

Uncle Beats told me in our interview “I’d tell them let me tell you how to stay out of jail” It’s an interview you don’t want to miss because we talk about “not doing time!” He is an amazing man with mad talent and his success in the music industry.  December 2020 States VS US Magazine (Owner Tia Hamilton) Batlimore,MD  promotes UNCLE BEATS in ISSUE 5 . Pre Order your copy today!!!! 

Make sure to follow Uncle Beats on all social media… IG UncleBeats Twitter UncleBeats FB UncleBeats        YouTube HardHittazMoneyGang