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Chicago Communicator News Media

Subscription Form

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1.         Name__________________________________________________________

2.         Address________________________________________________________

3.         Telephone or Cell Number _________________________________________

4.         Email address ___________________________________________________

5.         Payment Method

            a.         ___Visa

            b.         ___Master Card

            c.         ___PayPal

            d.         ___Business or Personal Check

6.         Term of subscription

            a.         ___30 days

            b.         ___60 days

            c.         ___90 days

            d.         ___indefinitely

7.         Type of advertisement you would like to discuss:

            a.         ___Television visibility

            b.         ___A television series

            c.         ___30 / 60 second public service announcement

            d.         ___30 / 60 second TV / Radio commercial spot

            e.         ___Online or local TV / Radio / show

            f.          ___Print display advertisement

           g.         ___Article written by a professional reporter

            h.         ___Photographer (private photo shoot)

            i.          ___Videographer (private video tapping)

            j.          ___Graphic Artist

            k.         ___Local Entertainer

            l.          ___Interested in playing a role in a new television show


            This outline is an overview of the services available to any prospect through CCNM, and there is no obligation to purchase or participate in any contractual service listed on this document.  

            Your signature is for your subscription to the online CCNM publication at  Your subscription ensures that you will receive a daily update of the publication for the term that you select.  You can also submit a one-page announcement, a photo, a one-minute video clip, or a 30 second audio broadcast via our email at for the same $.70 per week fee.


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