Woman Who Verified President Obama’s Birth Certificate Dies In Mysterious Plane Crαsh Tweet

by Barry Burch Jr. Excerpts from http://www.yourblackworld.net/2013/12/black-news/woman-who-verified-president-obamas-birth-certificate-dies-in-mysterious-plane-crash/ Let the conspiracy theorists begin. The official who […]

Am I deficient in vitamin D?

Information on the latest Vitamin D news and research. Submitted by Wanda Carter Find out […]

” Illinois deserves great public schools “

Dear Illinois Move On member, Submitted by: Marla Thompson Illinois deserves great neighborhood public schools that […]

“Job Opportunity”

Do you have IT experience? Want to Get Back to Work? Here’s your chance. Submitted by: […]

Today’s Featured Artist

By Marcus Robinson Davion Fountain Davion Fountain, is only 14 years old, and goes by […]