Tessemae’s All Natural, in collaboration with Whole Foods Market, Garden Highway, and the City of Chicago, will be hosting a major pop-up farmers market called “Crop Circles”. Crop Circles will be serving free fresh produce to an estimated 2,500 local residents on Saturday, August 22nd, from 10am-3pm at TEAM Englewood Academy. Other partners include, The Gardeneers, Chicago Eco House, Growing Home, and Growing Power. There will be activities, live entertainment, and most importantly, educational workshops.

Crop Circles is a national campaign, designed to help elevate the national food desert predicament through solution-based ideas and bring meaningful change to those in need of healthy nutrition.

Local chefs originally from Englewood will head the educational workshops, which will demonstrate to residents how to cook simple meals using the produce provided. The event will serve as an incredible happening for the people of Englewood, a resilient group who have strongly expressed their voices in improving the neighborhood.

About Tessemae’s All Natural Tessemae’s All Natural is an organic condiment company that makes salad dressing and condiments with real, whole, source food ingredients. The Vetter brothers, Greg, Brian, and Matt, launched the brand in 2009 at their local Whole Foods in Annapolis, Maryland, using a simple recipe created and used by their mom throughout their childhood. Tessemae’s commitment to healthy eating and living is the core of their mission, to provide simple, yet delicious food to consumers made with real ingredients. Available in Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, The Fresh Market, and Earthfare retailers across the country, Tessemae’s products are creating a new category in salad dressings and raising consumer awareness on the importance of consuming real, clean ingredients. For more information please visit www.tessemaes.com.

About Garden Highway Garden Highway is a family of talented people who share a passion for great food and a dedication to excellence. Their mission is to create simple, convenient, fresh products for today’s consumer. At GH, they are living their vision of building a national, fresh perishable food company with production facilities strategically located across the country. Their products are regionally produced, made to order, and delivered “Just-in-Time” to your distribution centers.

About Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market is an American foods supermarket chain, dedicated to providing organic foods. Whole Foods Market seeks out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintains the strictest quality standards in the industry, and has an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture.


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