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The L. B. Nixon Report


  Lionel B. Nixon, CCNM Investigative Report 












Dr. Edgar Daniel “E D” Nixon

Dr. Edgar Daniel “E D” Nixon pictured here with his very close friend, confidant and advisor Reverend Dr. Adam Clayton Powell jr. speaking to a large audience of supporters at Madison Square Garden in New York City.   
 This is an excerpt of his remarks there. “I’m from Montgomery, Alabama, a city that’s known as the Cradle of the Confederacy, that had stood still for more than ninety-three years until Rosa L. Parks was arrested and thrown in jail like a common criminal…. Fifty thousand people rose up and caught hold to the Cradle of the Confederacy and began to rock it till the Jim Crow rockers began to reel and the segregated slats began to fall out.” The United States Supreme Court ruled in the related case, Browder v. Gayle (1956), that the local and state laws were unconstitutional, and ordered the state to end bus segregation.
  On November 13, 1956 the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Broader vs Gayle etal City of Montgomery bus segregation case that the requirement that Blacks,  (actually and more properly  American Black citizens) to ride on the back of buses was unconstituonal! 
Whose idea was it to boycott the bus company and “never ride the buses again until the practice and segregation laws were defeated? Who raised the money for the lawsuit filing fee. Whose house was totally bombed January 31, 1956  the day before February 1, 1956 he  and Attorney Fred Gray would file the lawsuit in Federal court inspite of the bombing. ANSWER:  Dr. Edgar Daniel “E. D.” Nixon my grandfather
For Immediate Release To Assignment Editors; Television, Newspaper Radio New services, Magazine and Internet Media Broadcasters

Please cover this event of interest to the public. on October 5 thru October 13 2020 For More Information: Contact: Mr. Maurice Perkins (773) 715 4280 

Executive Director, Inner City Youth Foundation Inc. 4500 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois Lionel Nixon, 312 918 2974



The Datrell Davis Memorial 28th Year Anniversary

A Recommitment to Saving Our Children and Renewing the Historic Chicago Citywide Gang Truce Keynote Speaker And Governor Ms. Arnett Freeman An Intergenerational Exchange With The Purpose:

 To Produce A New Citywide Gang Truce for Chicago Youth to Stop the Shooting and The Killing In Our Neighborhoods. Passing the Batton, Sharing the History, Of Why, How, And Showing That It Has and Can Be Done Again. “If you can do it once you can do it twice!” Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm Swift Mansion 4500 S. Michigan Ave Limited Seating; Light Refreshments; Social Distancing Will Be Observed; Donations Appreciated.

For more information and to RSVP contact Mr. Maurice Perkins, Executive Director at the Inner-City Youth and Adult Foundation Inc. An Illinois 501 C3 Not for Profit Corporation founded in 1974 (773) 715 4280

Lionel Nixon Media Counsel 312 918 2974

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Accident At 87th Street Marsfield


The Housing Crisis Remains to Fix It                     


CCNews Media National & International Correspondent 

There are Regional and National residual effects up until this very day from the 2008 mortgage crisis. An issue of public policy.  

“We need public pressure so that locally”, intergovernmental they” can do something about the fact that Black homeownership has fallen to 42%; 29% + less than those of similarly situated United States citizens of European descent. 

This is an, early, very conservative data estimate that extends and applies to homeowners who Americans of African descent in Chicago and across the United States; consequently who have loss over half of their wealth due to the loss of their homes: “due to circumstances beyond the Mortgagor’s control”. There were very few forbearance agreements or mortgage modifications provided as relief particularly to Black homeowners. 

To the best of my knowledge and belief, very few of the Mortgagee perpetrators were criminally punished. There were Mortgagees and Banks who were found guilty of poor single-family loan servicing practices and some even fraudulent loan servicing practices of whom made civil agreements with the government and paid civil fines to the United States Treasury without any restitution to the victim homeowners. 

This problem was not totally the fault of former President Barack Obama; the policy decisions as to how and under what circumstances government housing policy oversight mechanisms to stop the recession were developed,  legislated, regulated, issued, and implemented across many different areas of government and the private sector by Congress.

If  Obama had done nothing the entire economy would have crashed. It was a tough choice. But the United States remains real. Help is needed now. Laying aside excuses,  my concern now is to get attention for my people in Chicago and other places across the state of Illinois, Missouri, and the nation, who are suffering and losing their homes. They are expecting me to call attention to this matter because of my knowledge and training along with my experience in housing. Personally, I like President Obama, we just have some political differences. 

This is not about partisan politics or name-calling but drawing attention to the fact the United States government has some obligation to help and fix this problem. With one stroke of the pin, it could be fixed this year l 2020.  Therefore the Trump Administration is responsible for fixing this problem highly impacting Black American homeowners. Joe Biden is responsible for repairing and proposing a plan on his platform for fixing the problem. To whom much is given much is required.  

The problems must be fixed!


The Physics of Love Eternal 

 A poem by Lionel Nixon 
 You Beloved, made your transition from this physical world.
    Love, a quantum vibration frequency of electromagnetic particles, feelings, 
travels through and beyond the universe carrying from within my heart; my memory, soul; my very being. 
“Messages”  between just us.
  No matter who, when, why where, how, or what in this world happens my love reaches its’  destination every day. 
  We are entangled forever,
 “The quantum effect of  entanglement, in which two or more particles can become “entangled” so that even after they are separated in space when an action is performed on one particle, the other particle responds immediately.”  
  You told me while you were here that “We have a life connection.” You helped me in so many ways that are unforgettable. 
   I can’t see you anymore but I can feel you. I miss you and yet I receive your messages too daily.  
  The “Quarks” and “Hadrons” of Love, Communicating,  Encouragement, and Universal Divine and Intelligent Wisdom from You, beloved that keeps me going and more focused on my purpose every day. 
    In the Quantum realm of the  “Degrees of Freedom” we share for all eternity in the “Dark  Matter”, beyond the Stars, where the Universal God is busy with the Blessing Business, Our Love and Connection Shines Forever!

Remembering The Late Reverend Dr. Charles Koen

Excerpt from the Historic Images Outlet


This hurt. A little about this late great brother and friend. There is so much more! REV. DR. CHARES KOEN was A life-long resident of Illinois, born August 7, 1945, in Cairo. Transition July 20, 2018. He and his wife, Clydia have been married 50 years and are the parents to 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren. Rev. Koen has spent most of his life as an activist for civil and human rights having been baptized into the movement at the young age of 16. 
  During the summer of 1962, he courageously organized and led other youth with the help of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) to stand against racial segregation and injustices that existed in Cairo.  This action was the beginning of a life of commitment to bring hope and a better quality of life to those who were suffering from poverty and discrimination brought on by long-standing practices of racial and class oppression.
   For the next 52 years, Rev. Koen lived his life organizing a broad movement with a spiritual philosophy focused on developing programs that would serve the whole person –programs that had a mission as stated in the Gospel of John 25th Chapter, verses 35-36.  He would use his leadership and organizing skills to work with others through a number of organizations to accomplish the mission as established by that in the 25th Chapter of Matthew.  These organizations included:
 The Cairo Nonviolent Freedom Committee-9-10-62 to 9-12-68-Youth Leader
National United Front-03-10-1969-President; Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Operation Bread Basket-03-04-70; Southern Christian Leadership Conference-Vice President (Midwest Region)-04-05-71; National Association of Neighborhoods-04-12-80-President
Rural America-Executive Board Member-09-10-1982, One Church-One Child-05-1980
 McKendree University-09-1963 to 06-1966
Northeastern Illinois University-09-1980 to 06-1982(BS Degree)
Southern Illinois University-09-1982 to 06-1984(MS Degree)
Union Graduate School of Experimental Education-09-1984 to 09-1988(Ph.D. of Philosophy)
 Appointed by President Jimmy Carter to Rural America Board. Ran as a Democratic  Candidate for Governor of the State of Illinois.   Rest in Peace and Power!

A Community Benefits Agreement Now

 By: Lionel B. Nixon;  National and International Correspondent CCNewsMedia
A Community Benefits Agreement sometimes described as a:  “Memorandum Of Understanding” does not have to be done with one particular group or organization. It does not have to be done with several groups or organizations.  A Community Benefits Agreement can be a signed document to the communities and neighborhoods at-large. A Community Benefits Agreement can be used as a written measuring tool to evaluate and assess progress on outcomes and on proposed goals and objectives. 
  Laying aside all excuses, placing one’s signature on a document establishing specific items, measured goals, objectives and outcomes that can be evaluated by the community for everyone to see is the key to establishing an instrument that provides ultimate clarity and transparency protecting not only the people in the communities and the neighborhoods of the city of Chicago but also the signer relative to what specifically is to be accomplished environmentally, economically, culturally and in the interests of fairness, parity safeguards against gentrification and protection of the neighborhoods from undo harm. 
  With a community benefits agreement, you have the capacity to make adjustments based upon written criteria if the benchmarks to the established goals, objectives, and outcomes that have have been promised fall off track. 
  If there is no hidden agenda, no hidden information, or pre-promised protected business interests then there should not be a problem signing a document that is written precisely on what the benefits, environmental impact, economic impact, and neighborhood stabilization outcomes are intended for the homeowners and renters. 
  So the political question and battle over the next two years will be why wouldn’t Barack Obama, a former community organizer himself not want to sign such a document with the whole world watching?  Keep “Moving Forward”! 
  Don’t just “Move On”.  A hint to the wise is sufficient.  Lionel Nixon, President
 Illinois Consortium On Public Affordable Disabled And Senior Housing 
 President, Emeritus Coalition To Save South Shore Country Club Park Inc.