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Soul Poems

Latonia Love (a.k.a. Ashar) is a Play Write, Author,  Minister, Teacher, Event Planner, Entertainer/Fashion Director, and Spiritual Advocate associated with Beyth-‘el Temple. She has written plays, done fashion shows, and helped to organize many functions for her place of worship. Latonia will be submitting poems and articles on a variety of topics. Be sure to subscribe to CCNM and keep up with Latonia’s Soul Poems…. 


Vengeance is Mine Said the LORD


Anger is all across this earth.

Deceit and treachery circling all around us.

Blue uniforms supposed to stand for justice.

Suffocation with lies and deceit, keep trying to knock you off your feet.

Vengeance is mine said the Lord.

When I come for you remember; the blue uniforms want to protect you.

Justice is what the LORD says; not the lies you perpetrate.

Though you can’t physically see him.

The movement of his spirit is all around.

His judgment will surely follow thee.

Vengeance belongs to me said the LORD.

Those who can understand what’s being said, don’t take vengeance go down in prayer.


There are all different types of communities.

Let’s take a deeper look, into this word.

Commune is a part of the word community.

It means a group of people living together sharing possessions and responsibilities.

My family and friends are deeper than the color of my skin.

Black, Hispanic, Indians, Chinese, and Whites.

Your skin color never made you right.

Righteousness had already been defined.

By the Almighty, LORD, who alone holds the title of being divine.

Wakeup, communities choose aside.

Peace, love, happiness, prosperity, and joy.

Destruction, lies, and deceit.

What do you want your children to see?

When they’re walking, running, and playing in their communities.

Change the time with the renewing of your mind.

Less of talking about what you’re going to do.

Time to put those business ideas into action.

So, the next ten generations can live in a community they respect.


Freedom Begins in the Mind


I became free, the moment I began to believe in me.

My mind was unlocked and it helps me to see.

That, if I wanted to be free, it must start in me.

That breath the spirit that is operating in me.

Cause the blood in my body to follow freely.

Mind awaking with the insight of all these possibilities.

Then I understood, what I must do.

Turned and got down on my knees.

I began to speak with a loud voice outside of me.

Thank you! Heavenly Father for setting me free.

Tears of joy began to run down my face.

The holy spirit increased my faith.

Now, I know without a doubt, if I continuing to seek, then my mind will remain free.


I’m a Grown Woman or a Grown man; Therefore,

It’s Not Your Job!

It’s not your job to believe in me.

It’s not your job to set me free.

It’s not your job to look after my needs.

It’s not your job for me to be happy.

It’s not your job to take care of me.

It’s not your job for me to know who I am.

It’s not your job lead and guide me.

It’s not your job to have faith for me.

It’s not your job to make me financially free.

It’s not your job to do all these things.

I must walk by faith, but faith without work is dead.

But to give me the edge; God said if I continue to seek after him;

all these things he has for me.


Can’t you See the Real Enemy? 

I went to bed in a community.

I woke up with burnt buildings shattered glass all around me.

Can’t you see the real enemy?

Prophecies coming true.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Revelation told you this enemy was coming to the earth.

His mission is to kill, steal, and destroy.

Open your eyes and look at what he has done.

The enemy is not who you see with your natural eyes.

He is the one speaking to your mind.

Some of you still can’t see the real enemy.

He is the one who had you destroy your community.

Look around you what do you see.

Killing, stealing and destroying all around you.

Now, you’re his soldiers working his evil plan.

Can’t you see the real enemy is not a man?

He is the enemy that was kicked out of heaven.

Trying to take as many of you with him that he can.