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Marcus Robinson, CCNM Photo Journalist


Marcus RoMarcus RobinsonRbinson is an independent photo-journalist who works with the Chicago Communicator News Media (CCNM) to identify issues and concerns in Chicago and its surrounding communities to report and explain news as it occurs.  If you have an issue or celebration that you would like to exposure, call Mr. Robinson at 773-340-8421 or email him at


Using my Gift 


By CCNM Photojournalist: Marcus Robinson 

When I started this photo project, using young black men, I wasn’t aware of the problems that I would encounter. Doing this photo project has really taught me about the mindset of some of our people. Would you believe that some people think that I am gay or in the closet gay because of how I shoot these young men. Some even think that I have sexual fascination about them because I shoot them shirtless.

Well none of those rumors are true, what I’ve learned in photography is that you have to be unique and you have to stand out in order to get noticed. Some of the young men whom I’ve photographed, have gone onto to be actors and professional models. I know who I am and it’s sad to know how some black people and photographers think. 

I am not the only one who shoots this way, there are several photographers who do this. I am writing this article because I hope that people will be more open and less judgemental about what they see others do. People have a right to display themselves and their skills, however they want and others should stop speaking negatively about things they don’t understand.


A Southside Icon Left To Rot

If you have driven, or ridden along on the Dan Ryan Expressway going south or north, you’ve probably seen a tall structure that kisses the sky along 59 street. The old St. Martin church, now abandoned, is more than just a shadow on the Expressway. Take a closer look and you will find that this former cathedral was well crafted as an architectural structure. 

It is considered to be some of the best of German Gothic architecture in the country. Originally it was called St. Martin of Tours, the Roman Soldier who cut his cloak in half, gave to a beggar and had a dream that he had given it to Christ. By 1981, it was an all black Parish named after St. Martin De Porres of Peru. Whites left neighborhoods like Englewood and took many of the resources with them. 

However, what they could not take was left to rot in the urban decay. This Church kept it’s beautiful Gothic art on the outside but on the inside, it was left to rot. When another church took it over and renovated it, the original beauty of the structure was lost forever.

 I do believe a building like this should be kept well preserved. In the 90’s,  I remember driving past and seeing it getting restored.  I did a wedding there in 2013 or 2014 and what happened behind that I don’t know. Today this touring Icon sits abandoned just like the block the one behind it. I knew I was near my building when I saw this church. 

At one time you could hear the bells toning loudly. I don’t know if the city plans to tear it down or not, but I do know that the church roof is collapsing badly. The area itself along Princeton street is pretty much abandon the building I once lived in as a child no longer stands at 5850 South Normal Avenue. North Folk Railroad bought the land and has turned it into a freight yard that comes right down the middle of Englewood. The Church corner stone gives the date it was built 1894.


Chicago Citizens Outraged At The Mayor       

Five years ago, the Laquann MacDonald tapes were released and led to the Dumping of Former Mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Fast forwarding to five years later, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is gone and Lori E lightFoot is Chicago’s Mayor. Activists and Ministers as well as some aldermen are outraged at how the current Mayor is handling the wrongful raid of a black woman two years ago by Chicago Police. The Mayor also canceled a meeting with the victim (Anjanette Young) and her legal team that was planned for Wednesday 11 Am at a local church on the southside. Activists and more than a hundred protesters showed up on Sunday at the public safety building on 35th and South Michigan street to demand that the 12 white officers involved with the case. Rev Jesse L Jackson and Congressman Bobby L Rush and Congressman Danny K Davis were also in attendance.

A Bad Crash 

A police chase ends in a bad crash on 94 and Halsted in the North bound lane during late Tuesday evening. 


Players Alliance And Neighbors Pull Up 

Sunday after Players Alliance and Neighbors pull up. pulled up on 95 and south princeton avenue to give away food boxes and baseball memorabilia. Jason Hayward A chicago Cub player was on hand to meet and greet people as they pulled up and got food. 


Mark Buehrle Day At Guarantee Field

It was a beautiful day on June 24th in Chicago on the South-side at the Guarantee Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. It was a sell out crowd, the Chicago White Sox fans packed the stadium to see the all time great Mark Buehrle who retired the # 56.


Mark Buehrle son and his daughter Brook sang the national anthem through out the first pitch. A few lucky fans gathered outside in front of Guaranteed field to witness the unveiling of # 56 which now sits among side many other greats like Carlton Fisc.

Mark Buehrle took photos, then it was back to the game. The Oakland A’s were a head and kept getting men on base, while the White Sox struggled to do the same thing. The final score was 10 to 2 in favor of the Oakland A’s. They beat the Chicago White Sox. 

Robbery Gone Bad
The police car marks the spot where the shooting occurred.

May 17th was yet another hot day in Chicago. While many were out and about, a young black kid age 17 attempted to rob a hair salon on 68th and Perry in the Englewood community.

Team shot as he attempted to rob a store.

However things didn’t go as he had planned. Shots were fired and when the gun smoke cleared,  a 17 year old black kid lay dead on the streets. An off duty female Cook County Sheriffs officer fired 12 shots at the kid killing him on the scene.

The community looks on as another fellow resident was shot by the police

For a moment the scene was tense but calmed down later on it’s own.

A Great Day For Baseball At Guaranteed Rate Field
It was a great day for baseball on the south side of Chicago at Guarantee field, Sox fans filled the bleachers. Chicago White Sox VS. San Diego Padres played under the sunny blue skies with a mile breeze blowing softly. The Chicago White Sox Started the game off with a 1 nothing lead to San Diego.
It was during the 7th ending that things begin to Change, when San Diego player, Renfroe hit a 3 run homer which  put the Padres ahead of the Sox 3 to 1. It was in the 8th ending that the Chicago White Sox revived themselves and got back in the game.  Number 53 Melky Cabrera came off the bench and hit a go- ahead two run single setting the stage for a big Inning to take the win. What a great Mothers Day gift for some Sox fans, the final score was White Sox’s 9 to San Diego’s 3.


Street Dedication for A Young Hero

Written by Marcus Robinson, CCNM Photojournalist 


Ten years ago, on May 10th, 2007 Commander Ronald Holt and Fire Chief Annette Holt lives were forever changed. There only son, 16-year-old Blair Delane Holt was shot and killed by Michael Pace as he traveled on an eastbound #103 CTA bus. 

Holt stood in defense of a friend, a female schoolmate whom he chose to protect from a gun that had been drawn on the bus they were riding. As shots rang out, Holt was shot and killed in an instant. Four other teens were shot as well as motorist passing by described the horrific incident. Over time, many have forgotten about the shooting even though it gained worldwide attention.

But the Parents of this 16-year-old champion, Blair Delane Holt refuse to let Chicago forget their son. They have continued to lead the fight against gun violence and much more. Both Annette and Ron Holt are still very much active at Percy Julian High School. This is the school their son so proudly attended. For the past ten years, this family and other parents who have lost children to gun violence have been in the spot light to increase the public’s awareness about this deadly crime against humanity. Blair would have been 25 years old but Pace, like other gun-men, cut his life short. Stop the violence


White Sox Wrap Up

by Marcus Robinson

It was a long week starting with a double hitter on August 21st. The White Sox had some up and down  moments as they beat the Minnesota twins. Then on Friday, August 25th,  the White Sox battled the Detroit Tigers on Elvis night at the ball Park where they had beat them before. On Saturday, August 27th,  the White Sox played the Tigers again and lost on that hot and partly cloudy afternoon. Finally, the Chicago White Sox’s beat the Detroit Tigers again closing out there series of home games for the month of August. Go White Sox’s.