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Brian’s Beat

Brian Vickers, CCNM Photojournalist


  Happy Father’s Day Governor Ryan

Date: August 13, 2021

By: Brian J. Vickers   

IDOC (Illinois Department of Corrections) Inmate Latasha Pulliam recently made a Father’s Day card and enclosed a letter for the 39th Governor of Illinois, George Ryan. 

Pulliam mentioned in her letter that she was reading Ryan’s book Until I Could Be Sure, the very same book that Ryan autographed for her in December of 2020. 

Pulliam was taken aback by what she read in Chapter Two of Ryan’s book. Pulliam read about the case of Girvies Davis, who was executed for the 1978 murder of Charles Biebel. Pulliam believes a DNA test should have been taken and that then-Governor Jim Edgar should have granted Davis clemency. 

Pulliam also went on to say, “if she had done all that she was accused, and convicted of doing, she would have had the victim’s blood on her clothing and shoes.” She also went on to say, “no DNA test was on her clothing at the time of her arrest.”    

      Although Pulliam’s death sentence was commuted to life in prison without parole by then-outgoing-Governor Ryan in January of 2003, she believes that if she were at a mental hospital, she would not be at Logan Correctional Center. Despite her low IQ, she is taking her medication and continuing to work on herself. And she’s fighting to prove her innocence. 

Once Pulliam is released from prison, she would like to go to a mental hospital first. Because being thrown out into the world after a thirty-year absence from society, would be a set up for failure. Because Pulliam is dealing with fear of men, there is no group at Logan Correctional Center to help her overcome that. 

Pulliam ended her letter by wishing Ryan a Happy Father’s Day. Lastly, Pulliam said “I hope you like the Father’s Day card.”   

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