” Why Do People Act The Way They Do? “

  Submitted by: Marla Thompson Why do people act the way they do? Is it […]

One Moment In Time

Demetrius Lofflen and his beautiful date goes off on Prom, signaling the beginning of Male […]

” Actor Michael Jace Charged In His Wife Shooting Death “

Written: Marla Thompson Micheal Jace, a 51 year old actor who has been performing for […]

” Where is Mr. Right”

Submitted by: Marla Thompson         Mr. Right , I was wondering where […]

” Up Lifting And Honoring Veteran Women “

Submitted by: Marla Thompson    Today I meet a veteran woman and her name is […]

” There is More for South Side Unity “

      South Side Unity Center of Christianity, as part of its 87 year […]

Free Breakfast and Peace at South Side

A fresh event at South Side Unity, is our “First Sunday Free Community Breakfast” experience. […]

It was Just a Tough Case

In May of 1994, Derrick Jordan, at the age of 15, was arrested for the […]