A Miracle On 87th Street.

By Marcus Robinson, CCNM Photojournalist On November 28 2016 Charles R.R Johnson Sr. was beat to death  […]

What’s Right What’s Wrong ?

Submitted by Wanda Carter Today, our young folks think that it’s cool to speak their […]

CPA Networking – Orland Park on Harlem

Submitted by Ted Hollander  Friends with business interests including accounting, I hope to see you at […]

Should Families Help Family Members?

By Wanda Carter Should families help family members, I think so because family members should […]

Democracy denied: US turning Haiti into another vassal state

Excerpts from https://www.rt.com/op-edge/325895-haiti-presidential-elections-clinton/ After serving in the Georgia Legislature, in 1992, Cynthia McKinney won a seat […]

Computer Owners Urged to Do This Today

Is Your PC Infected Without You Knowing? Excerpts from http://smartwebuser.org/555 Elliott Swan By Elliott Swan | […]