“Jane Byrne leaves a legacy”

Marcus Robinson, Photojournalist Excerpt from the Governor’s Press Office CHICAGO – Governor Pat Quinn today made […]

VP pool – Ebola event with VP Biden, Klain and Jarrett

Submitted by: Marcus Robinson Excerpts from Byron Tau Reporter, Wall Street Journal Pool was brought into a […]

Is It Just Me With Dianne Baskin

Center for Black Genealogy  Photos by Jerlyn Maloy  At the invite of a founding board […]

Arkansas Governor to pardon son’s drug conviction: report

Excerpt from Reuters) http://news.yahoo.com/arkansas-governor-pardon-sons-drug-conviction-report-091546906.html Outgoing Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe said on Wednesday that he will pardon […]

Margo Richmond Celebration

Come on out and salute this woman of God, Margo Richmond on Sunday, November 30th, […]

Is It Just Me With Dianne Baskin

I attended a community meeting a few day ago and I left feeling disappointed, empty, […]

Jon Burge: Former Chicago Police Commander

Excerpt from Zak Cheney-Rice  October 3, 2014 On Thursday morning, the 66-year-old former Chicago police commander was […]