“Oh Hell Naw!!!”

 82-Year-Old Black Woman Dragged from Miami Train and Thrown to Ground by Security for Singing Spirituals! Miami Transit Agency says she needed permit to sing and she was breaking the rules!   By Ashely Jennings […]

New non-credit CNA course coming to South Suburban College in April; ADN program readies new curriculum for Fall–2013

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL–South Suburban College’s Office of Continuing Education will soon offer the Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program (CNA) as a non-credit course. Successful completion of the CNA course is required in order to become […]


Submitted by: Mary Robinson: The Black playwright, August Wilson, in his play Joe Turner come and gone, introduces a character who is constantly reminding the people that they must write their own song—not accept the […]

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Posted by: sustainabilityinpoliticspolicyandeducation February 2, 2013 Chicago, the Murder Capital of America: Why So Much Mayhem and How to Fix it? Chicago has finally achieved the infamous distinction of being: The Murder Capital of America, […]