CCNM November 25, 2015

by Mark S. Allen Unsung HERO is the NON BLACK person who made all this possible with HIS Lawsuit that forced the release of the video!! I see so many people all over the place with their interviews like THEY were the ones. I applaud everyone speaking up but just wanted to STOP and give […]

CCNM November 24, 2015

By Sonya Eskridge Source: Christopher Furlong / Getty A young woman from Chicago has conquered the challenge of earning a master’s degree, and now she’s going for her doctorate. You might want to re-evaluate some of your life choices after hearing about 16-year-old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry. MUST READ: <a class=”colorbox” title=”BEAUTIFUL NEWS: This Man Went From […]

CCNM November 21, 2015

By storyteller One of the most important figures in pre-jazz African-American music, Will Marion Cook is also one of its better known personalities. As a composer, conductor, performer, teacher, and producer, he had his hand in nearly every aspect of the black music of his time and worked with nearly every other …read more Source: […]

CCNM November 21, 2015

By storyteller Frank E. Petersen, Jr. was born on this date in 1932. He is an African American Marine Corps pilot and officer (retired) and is a lecturer and administrator. He was born in Topeka, Kansas, the son of Edythe Southard and Frank Petersen, Sr., and was the second of four children. …read more Source: […]

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