Dianne Baskin, Is It Just Me?

Sleeping Beauty was kidnapped by seven misogynist.    
The Tooth Fairy wore dentures.
The Fat Man hanging out since 1934 is still at it although he made Rudolph retire.
Cinderella got a divorce
She has an opinion about everything and sees the “Silent majority” as wimps ,to which she will not become a card carrying member. She has a raging passion for life and while the wisdom of the ancestors toil in her psyche….
. Host of the internet radio program “Can we Chat’
. Author of a book that missed the best seller list “Did you just call me a……”
. Blogger “Is it just me ?
. Columnist for ccnewsmedia.
 In her own words:
You been tricked…hoodwinked…bamboozled by the American Dream………….
So if you interested in getting this country back on track…..holla at me….
                                                                                                                  Dianne B.
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