Demand Congress end the shutdown

Dear MoveOn member:

join_council2In the past two weeks, thousands of MoveOn members—all outraged by the GOP’s refusal to open the government and raise the debt limit unless they can get their way on Obamacare and benefit cuts—have taken action using petitions, calls to Congress, visits to congressional offices, and more.

 But Speaker Boehner continues to blaze a path of destruction by refusing to allow a vote on ending the shutdown, so it’s up to us to increase the pressure on members of Congress. We have to hold Tea Party Republicans accountable, and tell our Democratic leaders to stand firm against Republican extremists who want to cut Social Security benefits and delay Obamacare.

That’s why on Tuesday, October 15, MoveOn members around the country will gather at local congressional offices to demand that Congress “Stop the Madness.” Can you lead a gathering of folks at Representative Bobby Rush’s local office?

 Yes, I can lead a demonstration at Rep. Rush’s office on October 15, with MoveOn’s help.

 Once you set up your event, we’ll help you make sure it’s a success—from providing materials to recruiting other MoveOn members in your area to join you. We want to help you make sure that Rep. Rush hears what his constituents think about the shutdown, the debt ceiling, and Tea Party Republican-led hostage-taking in our nation’s capital.

 Your event will be part of a nationwide web, amplified online and through traditional media, that will demand that Congress “Stop the Madness” and get back to work.

 Together, we can send a strong message on the 15th. The first step is simply creating your event, and we’ll help you from there.

 Click here to sign up to host your event on October 15 and send a clear message to Washington.

 Thanks for all you do.

 –Mark, Alejandro, Stefanie, Maria, and the rest of the team

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