Month: June 2016

CCNM June 23, 2016

Excerpts from Jafrikayiti Jean Elissaint Saint-Vil·Sunday, June 12, 2016   The U.S., U.N, OAS… have completely lost credibility in Haiti. Today,they rule over the mayhem they have created in the country only by the might of financial, diplomatic, and political blackmail. Twelve (12) years ago, Haiti had a democratically-elected President (Dr. Jean Bertrand Aristide), […]

CCNM June 20, 2016

  A Chicago City Council committee on June 17 approved regulations for ridesharing that would likely end the service as residents know it – and quite possibly drive Uber and Lyft out of town. The proposed ordinance requires rideshare drivers, who already undergo company- required background checks, to submit to city-overseen fingerprinting and vehicle inspections […]

CCNM June 20, 2016

GOOD GOVERNMENT / Article June 16, 2016 Referred by Brian Vickers, CCNM Photojouralist By Austin Berg   Madigan is the longest-serving House speaker in Illinois history and one of the longest-serving state House speakers in United States history.   Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s first political splash had nothing to do with policy. It wasn’t […]

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