Month: January 2015

CCNM January 29, 2015

IRS Tax Tip 2015-07, January 28, 2015 Many people pay to have their taxes prepared. You need to be careful when you pick a preparer to do your taxes. You are legally responsible for all the information on the tax return even if someone else prepares it. Here are 10 IRS tax tips to help […]

CCNM January 29, 2015

submitted by: Marcus Robinson In world where many of our young black men are viewed as a menace to society, there are some who have made an effort to change the stereo type of young Black Males in America. Alex is from Ahoskie NC. He was born in May of 1995.  Alex, a professional model, […]

CCNM January 29, 2015

submitted by: Marcus Robinson Thanks Mr. Banks for all of your contributions to baseball and the wonderful Cub fans of Chicago. erni Banks copy.jpg

CCNM January 26, 2015

submitted by: Marcus Robinson Well folks, it was going down at Sherwood Park in Englewood on Friday, January 23 2015. A young man, by the name of Steve ‘Greedy’ Harris, put on a show that is sure to please any scouts who may have been in the crowd. John Hope College Prep super star, Steve […]

CCNM January 3, 2015

Betty Aldworth Executive Director Students for Sensible Drug PolicyWhen juveniles are placed in adult prisons, rather than juvenile facilities, they are five times more likely to be sexually assaulted – often within the first 48 hours of their incarceration. When a 16-year-old Texas boy named Rodney Hulin set a dumpster on fire causing about $500 […]

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