Month: December 2014

CCNM December 31, 2014

Is it just me, or are you ready for 2014 to be a memory ? It seems that the start of a New Year brings hope, promise, and an opportunity to revise goals that you did not achieve in the previous year.  I am not referring to resolutions that we all make and break before […]

CCNM December 29, 2014

submitted by, Deborah Smith Why restrict our way of living to specific times.  I feel we should practice and teach the principles of Kwanzaa  always.   Not sure what those principles are? Take a picture, copy, tweet..learn it, live it.       Umoja (Unity), To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, […]

CCNM December 29, 2014

Submitted by Marcus Robinson Devon Jackson is a young man who has seen more than many would never imagine to witness. Devon’s family lived at 47th St. and Shields Ave when he was born.  His mother passed when he was very young. He grew up with relatives in a neighborhood on the south side of […]

CCNM December 22, 2014

Chicagoland Speakers Network to Host 2nd Annual Public Speaking Symposium at SSC’s Oak Forest Center Oak Forest, IL–The Chicagoland Speakers Network would like to help area residents and professionals meet their self-improvement goals in 2015 through a Public Speaking Symposium.  The Chicagoland Speakers Network has planned this half-day of educational workshops on various topics related […]

CCNM December 22, 2014

Submitted by Marcus Robinson, Photography by Marcus Robinson Back in the day, as a young kid coming of age, my generation wasn’t into the tattoo thing like today’s black youth. The black youth of today have their own culture, just as we had back in the day. They tend to have their own way of […]

CCNM December 16, 2014

Published time: February 19, 2013 20:32 Reprint from Submitted by Wanda Carter The incarceration rate for American-Americans is so high that young black men without a high school diploma are more likely to go to jail than to find a job, thereby causing the breakup of families and instilling further poverty upon them. “Prison […]

CCNM December 15, 2014

Submitted by Shelby Knox, Sign the Petition        Tuğçe was a young woman like any other – a regular person who showed extraordinary bravery, and paid the price with her life. Tuğçe was a 22-year-old German woman. One night, she was at a fast food restaurant and heard two teenage girls being harassed by three […]

CCNM December 14, 2014

Reprint from Submitted by Marva Anyanwu November / December 2014 | Volume 13, Issue 6 Photo courtesy of Dr. Juliana Anyanwu Dr. Juliana Anyanwu helped run a clinical trial at Mulago Hospital in Uganda to study the safety of the drug hydroxyurea, a treatment for sickle cell disease. During medical school, Fogarty Fellow Dr. Juliana Anyanwu […]

CCNM December 13, 2014

By Sandra McCollum Submitted by Dianne Baskin I recently read with great interest Raven Symone’s rejection of the term African American as a label and of her desire to be called American. We are all Americans, but, many groups resonate with their culture of origin often expressed as Japanese Americans or Italian Americans or Native Americans […]

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