Month: September 2014

CCNM September 25, 2014

  By Dianne Baskin  When a devious underhanded scoundrel decides you are an easy mark trust me, they will go to extraordinary lengths to assume your identity. To them it is a game with often a good payday as their reward. To you it will become your greatest nightmare. How, why, who, and when will become words that […]

CCNM September 9, 2014

Submitted by: Marla Thompson LONDON (Reuters) – Emergency services said nearly 90 people had been injured in a packed London theater on Thursday when part of the ceiling collapsed during a performance, bringing the city’s West End theater district to a standstill. The audience was showered with masonry and debris following the incident at the […]

CCNM September 9, 2014

Hello people all to often when you hear about black youth in the hood, you hear about the negative things they do rarely ever will you hear about the positive things they do. Today I want to introduce you to William Flowers. William is a young man who goes to Percy L Julian high school. and […]

CCNM September 2, 2014

Talent Director Reginald Torian, Lead singer of the “Impressions” Talent Directors Dr. Dena & Dr. Claude Spivey, organizers of “RHYTHM, BLUES & FUNK FOUNDATION” Host The Taste Entertainment Showcase along with Producer Wanda Carter, Chicago Communicator News Media and R. Ken Turner, Little Skillet Productions, along with a number of other television producers  to create […]

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