Month: August 2014

CCNM August 21, 2014

Editor by: Marla Thompson Author: Marcus Robinson In and area that has seen it’s fair share of violence stands a ray of hope. A once run down and forgotten basketball court was brought back to life last year when a group of black men  all came together to make a big difference in the lives […]

CCNM August 18, 2014

  Joe Merrills founded Feed – A – Friend (FFP) to get the attention of parents in his neighborhood. With the support of volunteers, businesses, and community organizations. Mr. Merrills has hosted FFP in over 20 neighborhoods. Mr. Merrills hosted a “Community Block Party” in 2004 in which food was used to bring families togerther. […]

CCNM August 18, 2014

Basketball is an escape for many of our black youth across the city, while all hell is breaking loose in our under served neighborhoods, these young men find away from all of that through Basketball. if you really want to see a real good game for free just stop by your neighborhood Park and sit […]

CCNM August 6, 2014

” Sue”  The Largest T Rex On the Planet Submitted by: Marla  Thompson The world famous fossil know as ” Sue ” the largest and best preserved  Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found. Sue measures 42 feet long from snout to tail and 13 feet tall in the hips. She has 58 daggers like teeth. Sue original […]

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