Month: October 2013

CCNM October 31, 2013

Written by Denice Davies I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Winn at the 16th Ward Alderman’s monthly meeting hosted by Joann Thompson. Dr. Winn is a professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health System. He also is associate Vice President of Health Affairs and Director of “The Lung Cancer […]

CCNM October 31, 2013

This is a story that I would like for everyone to read, it’s about our veterans and how they are being treated. Some of our veterans have problems with their living situations such as living in a shelter with other people from cook country jail, the females and males. I feel that they should have […]

CCNM October 26, 2013

 Veterans, this is an opportunity for you to tell your story about your life as a veteran. Email your responses to the questions to .  Responses will be tallied and posted here on this website in 21 days.  Have fun… 1.How is life after Vietnam? 2.Do you think Chicago supports Vietnam veterans to the best […]

CCNM October 25, 2013

One in every three black males born today can expect to go to prison at some point in their life, compared with one in every six Latino males, and one in every 17 white males, if current incarceration trends continue. These are among the many pieces of evidence cited by the Sentencing Project, a Washington, […]

CCNM October 24, 2013

  The Chicago Transit Authority Red line  is up and running again after a five month renovation. This was a $425 million dollar upgrade to the tracks and the stations, from Cermak Rd. to 95th Street. The reconstruction of the Red Line South is an historic investment in the Chicago Transit Authority transportation system . […]

CCNM October 24, 2013

New Release Helps Parents Understand Their Princesses (and their hormones) Author, speaker, and parenting coach C. Lynn Williams releases her book Raising Your Daughter Through the Joys, Tears and Hormones. CHICAGO — Author, speaker, and parenting coach C. Lynn Williams has a gift for helping parents develop better relationships with their teenagers. She shares that gift once again with […]

CCNM October 23, 2013

From – Living by Grace By Joel Goldsmith P. 64-66      The period of Sabbath or Grace is the full and complete surrender of self. In all of us there remains a finite sense of self that in the last analysis must be crucified. Each of us has this personal sense of self when we […]

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