Is it just me?

  By Dianne Baskin  When a devious underhanded scoundrel decides you are an easy mark […]

Identity theft-2014_Page_4

” More than 80 hurt as London theater ceiling collapses

Submitted by: Marla Thompson LONDON (Reuters) – Emergency services said nearly 90 people had been […]

The Positive Side by Marcus Robinson

Hello people all to often when you hear about black youth in the hood, you […]

William Marcus Suave 1577

” The Taste Entertainment Showcase ”

Talent Director Reginald Torian, Lead singer of the “Impressions” Talent Directors Dr. Dena & Dr. […]

Black Men Making a Difference by Marcus Robinson

Editor by: Marla Thompson Author: Marcus Robinson In and area that has seen it’s fair […]

the all good in the hood center before the make over

A Man On A Mission

  Joe Merrills founded Feed – A – Friend (FFP) to get the attention of […]

Mr.  Morris

From hoops to Hope Jackson Park Cages. By Marcus Robinson

Basketball is an escape for many of our black youth across the city, while all […]

Jackson Park Cages

” Sue The Largest T. Rex “

” Sue”  The Largest T Rex On the Planet Submitted by: Marla  Thompson The world […]