Help A Father Stay Home With His Children

Joshua Morris A Victim of His Own Mental Health… My grandson is 26 years old, now unemployed, and a father of 4. His wife is unemployed, and they are struggling to stay afloat. I'm sure you have heard these hard life stories before but I would truly appreciate any financial help anyone can rendered to keep him home with his family. Joshua needs treatment not prison, he needs to be in the home so he can help to raise his own children. I know that both he and his wife need therapy, and now tha...

Is it just me?

A dear friend shared a message with me and called it a ‘Morning Encounter ’As I read the message it resonated on so many levels that I have decided to share it with my reading audience in its entirety.           I had a strange experience the other morning, as I was in the process of returning to my building after taking my daily walk in the environs of my building which has extensive internal landscaping, sidewalks, many beautiful trees, a swimming pool, and a generally safe and serene environ...

Too Rich to Matter

Dianne Baskin
              Is it just me? By Dianne Baskin Does a Park Avenue address sound more prestigious than nine hundred north Lake Shore Drive or sixty-eight Locust Road in Winnetka or nine hundred South Elm in Hinsdale? Location, location, location. Enter a pretender to the throne. Her grace or her majesty would be an apt title. The woman I speak of has spent most of February in the newspaper because she is in court counter suing her hus...